Types of Applications Could Be Developed By Using .Net?

When you talk about dot net framework, the idea comes in your mind is networked or internet applications. Apparently, it is true because there are several applications that can be created with dot net framework. Microsoft's dot net framework is a programming system that helps in developing and running various applications for a different type of platforms like Window, Window server, Microsoft Azure, Window Phone, and XML web services. This framework comes with a large number of class libraries which are known as FCL (framework class library) and CLR (common language runtime). Both classes provide language interoperability across numerous languages. Here, we are having a list of applications that can be developed with dot net-


Desktop Application

Desktop applications relate to Window applications that provide Window OS services with.Net app development. Some application is given here that can be built by using.Net-

  • Accounting application
  • Product/inventory application
  • GUI application or Windows Forms application
  • Warehousing application
  • Value chain or supply management application
  • Windows services application

Web-Based Application

Using dot Net framework, you can develop web applications like-

  • Websites
  • XML web application services
  • Web partners integration application

Embedded Application

  • Mobile application
  • PDA application

Other Applications

  • Applications that are based on console
  • WPF applications ( Windows Presentation Foundations)
  • ASP.Net applications
  • WWF( Windows Workflow Foundation) enabled applications

We are discussing some applications in detail that could be manufactured using dot net framework. Have a look below-

Asp.Net Application

The asp.net application is developed on the .dot net framework and utilized to run on various web servers to accomplish the user requirements over the HTTP. ASP.NET applications can vary from the Websites that consist of HTML pages to advanced project applications that run on local and remote networks. These project applications offer components to exchange data using XML. This type consists of dynamic and data-driven browser supported applications.

Window Application

Window standard applications are used for daily common tasks, for example, MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint etc. These applications perform only under the Window environment. These apps created using dot net framework and the apps use the services offered by the Window OS.

Mobile Application

Mobile apps can perform on multiple devices such are Smartphone, gadgets tabs, etc. The dot net framework has the capability for changing the applications automatically so that they can run on multiple devices and the browsers. These applications offer omnipresent reach to data from different mobile devices.

Console Application

Console apps mostly used in app testing. These apps are considered as a light-weight system that performs at the command prompt.

Class Library

Class libraries are useful components that are created on dot net framework. Once the class libraries are developed could be reused several times in multiple applications. Class libraries come with their methods and interfaces that define several classes in the single file. These libraries make the development of new applications easy using dot net services and code reusability.

Thus, all above-discussed applications are developed using dot net framework. In addition, A dot net development company comprises many different technologies such are asp.net, VB.net, ADO.net, VC++ and many others to manufacture window applications. One popular technology, Dot Trace is really helpful in customizing different types of applications by offering a different type of profiling options. Here we are discussing different applications that profiled are by dot trace-

Standalone Application

This category includes Console applications and Window presentation foundation applications. While profiling a standalone application, you have to consider the parameters- Application (complete path to the executable) and Arguments (Optional argument passed to the executable).

Web Application using WebDev Server

To profile the web apps which run using WebDev server, consider the following parameters-

  • In the server you complete path to the WebDev server. Dot trace can detect this by default.
  • In the physical path, you can complete path to the root folder of the application.
  • In run browser, you can specify if you need to launch dot trace presentation for your browser.

By implementing these parameters, you can implement the dotTrace to launch the web application and you will see the dot trace controller.

Window Store Application

In this category of application, dot trace will provide insights on the performance of the app. whether you are developing a Window store app you need to choose the application that you want to profile. The list of selected apps includes all Window store applications installed on your device.

Silverlight Application

Silverlight offers a profiling API and it is beneficial for dot trace performance. When profiling a Silverlight application, a dot net developer needs to follow the given parameters-

  • Provide URL to invoke the Silverlight application. In case, the URL is not provided, then dotTrace will launch the Silverlight application.
  • The default browser is selected when you want to use a browser for running the application.

When all the settings are provided, you can run the application and DotTrace will install the Silverlight application.

Web Application Using IIS (Internet Information Services)

To profile a web application using IIS you need to run the profiler and it will add itself to IIS. When profiling a web application, using internet information services you have to consider that the dotTrace performance will run in Window Vista 7 or 8. Consider the following parameters-

  • Use Browser to select the system default browser.
  • Consider URL to invoke the application.

Setting up the above options, you can run the application.

In addition to the above-discussed important applications, some other that could be developed using dot net framework are given –

  • Web application using IIS express
  • Dot net process
  • Window services
  • WCF service library
  • Class libraries


Dot.net framework is designed to solve the various problems of the applications that are developed using this framework. As we discussed, this framework has FCL (framework class library) and CLR (common language runtime) offers interoperability across the multiple programming languages. A dot net company can build different type of applications using dot net framework.

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