Twitter Upgrades its Search With Autocomplete & New Filters

The Search tool of Twitter had underwent a slightly transformation and bring some great innovative features which is supposed to make users more flexible in terms of getting information more exponentially than earlier.

The primary highlight of this Twitter’s upgrade is inclusion of autocomplete search suggestion which might be appear underneath the search box when you attempt to type your queries. The dropdown appear while typing your search query will show the terms for which you might searching for including Twitter accounts too – It’s no matter either you follow them or not – It is possible that they can match with your search query you typed in the search box.

Twitter Search

However, after accomplishing the search query, Twitter has also incorporated a new filter to the results of tweet. Thus, the users can view tweets from the people they follow rather than of “top” or “all” tweets. This is referred as an elegant filter and appreciated by all tweeter users. It is highly beneficial in the case when you supposed to view a day or a couple of days old tweet from your stream.
twitter search Updates

Moreover, this Twitter upgrade rolled out some additional features that includes:

  • related suggestions
  • spelling correction for misspelled terms
  • usernames and real names in Twitter search results – it says about those tweets that include either an individual’s name or his/her twitter handle will be visible in Twitter search results in the case when you are supposed to searching for that person.

The upgrades are already available on, on the other hand Android apps and iPhone are getting spelling corrections, autocomplete and related search suggestins.

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