Tribute to Steve Paul Jobs: a great collection of Artwork

October 5, 2011 was the most mournful date as it passes away with the official goodbye of Steven Paul Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc, a leader in technology. We all cannot forget about the contribution of the mastermind behind the great technological gadgets like iPhone, iPod, iMac, iTunes and iPad. At the age of 56, he was the headed person found extreme glory in technological field. Apart from his great involvements in Apple and Pixar, he was a motivating person for copious people outside his professional life. His innovative sense and grounded personality inspired many of the people in numerous ways.

Steve Paul Jobs died serenely surrounded by the compassionate love of his family and friends. Steve was fighting with pancreatic cancer and faced a liver transplant that lead to his demise. Life and death are decided according to the rule of nature that no one can put off. In order to pay regards to works and innovation of such a great person we are here presenting a collection of artwork made by eminent designers around the globe. Let’s follow the below collection to offer tribute to Steve jobs and his great innovations.

The Jobs Apple

steven paul jobs 22

Steven Paul Jobs

steven paul jobs 1

Notebook Sketch

steven paul jobs 24

JOBS Copied “Hope” Poster

steven paul jobs 5

Steve Jobs *benvista

steven paul jobs 7

Heroic Oil Painting

steven paul jobs 9

Steve Jobs Coffee Painting Tribute

steven paul jobs 3

Apple Technology

steven paul jobs 12

The One who Colored the World

steven paul jobs 16

Jobs in Bright Tone

steven paul jobs 18

Steve Wallpapers

steven paul jobs 20


Think Different

steven paul jobs 26

RIP Steve

steven paul jobs 28

Post-It Note Goodbyes

steven paul jobs 29

RIP Steve Jobs


steven paul jobs 14


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