Traits that make Drupal the Perfect CMS Solution

Among the popular content management systems today, Drupal is definitely one of them. There are good reasons for that. This CMS platform is equipped with multiple superb features. Are you eager to know them? Then, take a look at the following.

Drupal, an open-source content management system is the first choice of a large number of web and app development professionals across the world. This is because Drupal offers a wide range of useful features that streamline the tasks of website and app developers.

Features that make Drupal a great CMS platform

  1. You can take advantage of all fundamental features offered in a single platform. They are
    • User account registration
    • RSS feeds
    • Menu management
    • Page design customization
    • System administration
  2. With Drupal, you can carry out an array of tasks like,
    • Build simple as well as complex websites
    • Create single-user or multi-user blogs
    • Design forums and brochures
    • Create community sites
  3. If you are looking for a CMS platform which will help you with helpful tools and templates for a smooth and swift work process, Drupal is your best bet. With the help of the pre-set site configuration features, you can create a complex site with much ease and rapidity. This ensures that there is no need to start from the scratch and you are able to save much time and pay more attention to other significant aspects.
  4. When it comes to seamless content creation, Drupal has hardly any competitor. With this CMS platform, you have the flexibility to build and manage more than one type of content, such as
    • Text
    • Blog
    • Podcasts
    • Video
    • Polls
    • Real-time stats
  5. As an administrator, you will get a lot of choices for creating fresh user accounts as well as user permissions. You can allocate user permissions to each group and let users build content for your site.
  6. Drupal provides many themes and templates that are quite user-friendly. But, if you are interested in creating unique designs exploiting your creativity, you can utilize the amazing design tools offered by Drupal.
  7. If you have faced problems in organizing content on other CMS platforms, you can shift focus to Drupal which allows users to manage content easily. With Drupal, you can classify your content according to path URLs, set defaults and build custom lists. You will face no more confusion in finding or updating content.
  8. Make the most of more than 7,000 plug-ins offered by Drupal. Since the platform is open-source, it allows one to make use of the existing plug-ins and to build their own as well.
  9. A website built on Drupal has the capacity to attract a large number of users and it also offers the administrator the flexibility to build, preview, upload and manage content on the site.
  10. The functionality of a website lies in its ability to relate to its targeted audience and gain high visibility on search engines and on various social networking platforms. Drupal has been designed keeping these points in mind. This CMS platform makes the tasks of SEO professionals easier as they can get benefitted from the search engine optimization and social collaboration tools offered by Drupal.

After going through these features and benefits, will you like to choose any CMS platform other than Drupal? If you are still a bit doubtful about the usefulness of Drupal, click here to know more about this CMS platform and clear your doubts.
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