Top 8 Social Media Tips for Promoting a Venue

Are you a business that owns or markets on behalf of a venue? Such business can seem quite restrictive when it comes marketing on social media, especially when compared to other industries. However, once you start to explore some new ideas and concepts, the possibilities become endless. Here are eight essential tips for marketing your venue on your preferred social media profiles.

Research Your Potential Customers

Before you start doing anything, you need to conduct some research who your potential customers and event attendees are and how they use social media. You’ll also need to gauge and originally estimate the size of your audience using integrated tools.
Another way to gain valuable information is by surveying your past customers and your existing followers. You can ask questions such as what sort of information they want to see on your website and what social media sites they use. This will enable you to tailor your strategy to be both effective and cost-effective, allowing you to maximise your success.
Maria Jackson, a Social Media Marketing Expert for Do My Assignment, continues;
“For each event you host within your venue; it’s vital that you research your customers as each different kind of customer base will have different requirements and preferences with unique and more effective ways to market to them.”

Create a Social Media Marketing Plan

Before you get started, it’s important that you create a plan as to how you’re going to market your upcoming events to your social media followers. This way, you can ensure the best method for spreading awareness of your business, your venue and your upcoming event.
Using the information from the above point, create a step by step checklist of what you’re going to do. For example, let’s say you’re organizing a music event. Depending on the size of the event, you may want to create a Facebook event page.
Then you can start marketing, possibly once a week, with increased adverts as you get closer and closer. You may want to organize your images, posts and social updates and schedule them, so you know you always have content to post.


Share Behind-the-Scenes Content

As you’ll know, putting on an event is hard work and there’s a lot of processes, meetings and efforts that go into making it a success. One of the best ways to get people excited about your event is to show and share teasers, behind-the-scenes imagery to stir excitement within your followers.
For example, if you’re hosting a music night with a band or DJ, sharing images of the décor being installed, sound tests and just general day-to-day activities that are taking place. It’s important to be as authentic as possible so remember that people make mistakes and not everything goes smoothly. It’s perfectly okay to share events like these.

Take Control of Your Facebook Ads

Facebook provides you with a very in-depth, detailed and highly integral advertising tool that you’ll need to learn to take control of. One of the key techniques you’ll need to learn is called retargeting. As a venue business, you can show users who visit your website’s personalised adverts for your events, for example, users who visited your website but are yet to purchase a ticket.
When creating Facebook ads, ensure that these are high-quality and engaging, for maximum effectiveness. It’s not worth risking low-quality content so if in doubt, outsource to content creation services such as Custom Assignment (Huffington Post in “Dissertation Writing Services” article recommends services like this one) or OXEssays.

Design a Universal Hashtag for all Channels

This is one of the most overlooked by the majority of venues but don’t let that be your company. When hosting a certain event, create an engaging hashtag that attendees can use to tag in their statuses and updates weeks before the event starts.
Every post, image and update needs to incorporate this hashtag. Do whatever you can to get it out to the masses! You won’t want your hashtags to be too long as some social media platforms will have word limits. With this in mind, you can use online tools to keep your posts in line. Use it to get people talking about your event, both before and after the event has taken place.

Have a Customer Response Strategy

No matter what happens with your events, you need to have an outstanding customer response strategy in place. This refers to the strategy that’s in place to handle and notify your customer if anything was to happen, ensuring you continuously provide an outstanding service.
For example, let’s say you were managing a music event at your venue and your band pulled out at the last moment. That’s going to be a lot of customers and attendees that are unhappy, so it’s vital that you have a plan in place to keep these people happy. In this situation, you may like to have back up music on standby or a refund process. Whatever you choose, put your customers first.
Katherine Jackson, an editor for Revieweal, exclaims;
“As a venue, customer feedback and their experiences will be the lifeline to your business. If people have a bad experience, you’ll realize how quickly word of mouth can travel. Problems do happen so make sure you’re prepared.”

Reviews Are Your Greatest Allies

Customer feedback is one of the greatest assets when it comes marketing your venue. Whether you’ve got comments from past events, comments in the exit surveys or maybe you’ve got photos or video evidence of people having a great time, use them in your marketing strategy.
One of the easiest ways to do this is by converting these quotes into images that can be shared on your social media profiles, within your email marketing campaign and uploaded to your website and blog.

Market Photos of Event Participants on Social Media

social media

One of the most effective forms of marketing is using photos of people in your events, even more so if you’re hosting a reoccurring event. User-created and user-shared content create a real and truly connectable review of your event, and it’s great for creating sales.
It’s even better if you can tag the individuals in your photos, enabling them to comment and share the images with their followers, friends and family, once again marketing your venue as a fun and engaging past to host their event.

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