Top 5 Ecommerce Sites Using HTML5

HTML5 has been a hot topic in web development circles for some time now and, although officially still under development, many web designers have been experimenting with using it for their personal and client projects.

With the added advantage of search engine friendliness, many ecommerce sites are implementing HTML5 and making use of its ability to transition product images and video. Numerous ‘big player’ ecommerce sites have switched to HTML5 in recent months, however, there is also a proliferation of smaller, newer brands who have utilized it. Here’s 5 excellent examples of new, well designed ecommerce sites that use HTML5:


Yowza offers mobile coupons enabling users to save money using their smart phone. The site features some nice animated content which doesn’t hinder the user experience or distract from the purpose of the site. Their application is free to download, which you can do so here.


Designer furniture retailers Kontenta offer a simple but well designed site, powered by HTML5. Website designers Dhub have implemented some of HTML5’s capabilities including a homepage product image gallery; however, this sites strength lies in its simplicity and bold use of colour.


A really strong example of what can be achieved with HTML5, the Mendo site features a huge, time-sensitive welcome gallery and impressive looking page transitions. Exploring the books they are selling is a fun and imaginative experience; although it has to be said the transitions are at times a little over enthusiastic.

Super Size Art

The unique Super Size Art offers simple functionality with nice use of image transitions and highlights. The site offers enlarged versions of classic records to hang on your wall with online payments via all standard credit and debit cards. A must-see for any avid record collectors.

Button Bar

Great looking site powered by HTML5 with simple eCommerce functionality. Button Bar offers a Safari extension for the PC and Mac for just £2.20 which helps you to sort your bookmarks using customisable bookmark bars.

These are just 5 good examples of recent eCommerce web sites implementing HTML5. According to reports published last year, over 100 of the world’s top websites now use HTML5 with the adoption led by major social networks and search engines. It will be interesting to see the experimentation by new and major sites alike in the months to come.

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