Top 20 Best WordPress Plugins 2012

In recent, it is very rock like to cope with blog if you are not competent and invest sufficient time to manage it. Therefore, plugins for WordPress are in currency. You can turn around them to work for you if you have capability of sound knowledge about them. Undoubtedly, WordPress plugins make your task accomplished in more handy manner, lot easier and efficient.

WordPress is one amongst the most feature affluent and user affable publishing platforms available in these days. In the mean time it is being loved for its openness and open source community. Behind the millions of bloggers share their worthy knowledge, Today WordPress plays a significant role in earnest projects as well as in commercial websites at large scale. As WordPress has got a notorious place in the market in account of free and pure open source and hence the premium bestowing around it is likely to make it more stronger.

Therefore, I am here to make you a little bit educate through this post about Top 20 Best WordPress Plugins 2012

Smart 404

In case of when the desired content can’t be found, Smart 404 attempt to find out the matching content using current URL and automatically redirect it. However, prevent its viewers from website errors.


WP Auto Tagger

This WordPress Plugin automatically suggest tags on the basis of the post content using Yahoo API. In the button of the “Write Post” page sidebar the plugin will ass a ‘Suggest Tags’.


User Role Editor

This WordPress Plugin enables its users to modify standard WordPress role capabilities in a very handy manner in account of just few mouse click. Just check boxes of the desired role and update to save changes.


WP-DB Manager

This WordPress Plugin perform multiple significant task including On-demand backup as well as manages your WordPress database which enables you to delete backup, restore database, optimize database, repair database and drop/empty tables and run selected queries as well as supports automatic scheduling too.



This WordPress Plugin results in managing all your monitor 404 errors and 301 redirects.


FV Community News

This WordPress Plugin allows the visitors to post their articles on this site.


Google XML Sitemaps

This WordPress Plugin create a XML-sitemap compliant of your WordPress blog and is supported by Google, Yahoo, and MSN search.


Google Integration Toolkit

This WordPress Plugin enables you to integrate your Blog with Google services like Webmaster Tools and Analytics etc.


Contact form Plugin

This WordPress Plugin is worthy for Contact form which allows to adda feedback form for a page or post efficiently.


Page Restrict

This WordPress Plugin featured to restrict all, none, or certain pages/posts to logged in usrs only.


WP Original Source

This WordPress Plugin is for Google news publisher or SEO which allows them to add Google original source meta tag to single pages and posts header. Its lets you to define upto 5 URLs for sources or if you left the fields blank it add your permalink as the original source.



This WordPress Plugin allows its visitors to download a post included with formats, lists, tables as PDF file.


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