SEO Strategies: Top 10 SEO Strategies that can be Effective

Thanks to stricter search engine focus on quality and search rank algorithm SEO or Search Engine Optimization practices went through multifaceted change in the past few years. And as we are moving to 2015, it is the time when we need to dust off all the old SEO shortcuts and tricks and look for the new and advanced strategies. There are many opportunities to improve your SEO results.

SEO is known to be the foundation stone of digital marketing. It is important to maintain this at every step in order to maintain the customer loyalty and trust.

Here are the 10 effective strategies that you can explore in the year 2015.


1. Friendly Keywords

Google is looking for the new and real content on the web now. It is important to focus on the different phrases that are controversial enough and are utilized to search for your content.
If someone is searching for gifts, then you can use the keywords like valentine gifts, gift watches, etc. It is important to target the expressions rather than the simple words. The expressions can be divided into navigational, instructive and value-based expression.

A variety of keywords should be used and it is one of the best strategies for a great SEO. The mobile audience is different from the normal audience. They might be looking for a different content. Plan the keyword strategy for both the type of audiences.

2. Optimization of Page Titles

The title of the page is very important. It is used by the search engines to display the page in the search results. An effective title can make the page to come on the top of the result page also.

The main objective of the title tag is to tell the browsers that what the page contains. The length of the title tag should be between 55-60 characters only. The keyword should also be there in the title of the page.

Secure Encryption

3. Secure Encryption

It is announced by Google that the websites that use secure encryption will get good rankings in the Google search. One of the secure methods to exchange information over the web is HTTPS. HTTPS uses different ways to protect the data that is transferred over network. HTTPS is a very light weight signal and can be used easily.

Social Media

An SSL certificate is must for every website. For most transactional websites, HTTPS is a good practice. A website that collects the personal information of the users should also use HTTPS. In order to enable HTTPS, the website should have SSL certificate.

4. Importance of Social Media

Social media has evolved a lot in the past years. Social media should be included in the website page as it would allow good rankings in the Google search. There should be up-to-date content on the website in order to increase the ranking rate.

It is important to have a robust presence on the web and not the engagement with the content. It is necessary to take off the inactive pages in the websites as they are of no use in your website. Such pages can lower down the SEO rankings.

5. Streamlined URL

The websites with good Google rankings have a good URL structure of their pages. The URLs and the connections should be clean and reliable enough to make the user click comfortably anywhere on the website.

Dynamic URLs are mostly long and have lower navigation rates on the Google search results. Longer URL structures make it difficult for the search engines to understand the pages. They failed to understand that what the page is all about. Error pages like 404 are never good for any web page. It lowers the search rankings in the search engines.

The outbound links in the page are also not good for the page rankings.

6. Websites should have good speed

The speed of the website is very important for search rankings. Site speed is a critical factor for page ranking. Users do not like to open slow pages at all and speed matters a lot. There are some important things that need to be kept in mind, if you are looking to speed up your site speed.

  • Web servers should never be overloaded
  • Embedded videos, heavy coding and the use of a lot of images should be avoided
  • The use of plugins should also be limited

7. No more complicated User Interface

A website can use different tools and it can make the page complicated. If you are thinking that the website is clean enough, then you are probably wrong in this. The use of images, videos and plugins make the page complicated. There can be many performance issues in the page that need to be resolved as soon as possible in order to increase the rankings of the page.

Website auditors are also available to check the integrity of the website. It checks the URLs and all the links in the website.
Before making any change, it is better to list down all the optimizations and contact the webmaster for all the optimizations you have decided for your website.

8. Optimizing the Image Alt Text

It is important to link the search results with the Alt tag of your images. If the images are not loaded, the text should be there in order to compensate the image. It will help you increase the rankings of search engine.

The heading tag in the image should not be hidden. There should be an Alt tag to support this.

9. Optimize the page around one keyword

Keyword stuffing is gone and the website should be kept around a single keyword that is most important for the website. The main keyword should be there on the logo, the heading and the page title. All the items on the page should be created for the humans to read and not only for the search engines.

10. Concentrate on the hard-earned links

The links can be created by following certain strategies and the links should be created in proper ways as:

  • Co-Citation
  • Editorial Links
  • Broken Links

Editorial links are the higher level for links. Co-citation is a connection to your webpage that shows alongside various web resources. These connections serve as an insight to Google that both the organizations are connected with each other. Broken links are also very important for a website page. The competitor’s back links should be analyzed in order to check that which links or assets of them will work for you.


Most of the strategies used for good SEO are simple and effective as well. They just need common sense to implement them in your website. Any SEO strategy that you are following on the website requires time and complete dedication as well. In order to get the good results, it is better to base all your SEO strategies on proper SEO data.

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