To Build or Not To Build: Best Website Builders For Me

The World Wide Web has become one of the most highly trafficked facets of communication every conceived, and the number of users on the internet is growing every day. With this exponential growth occurring, it is no surprise that in order for a business to stay relevant, it must have its own Web site. The question still remains whether to build a Web site, or not to build a Web site.

Why Build a Web site?

Many firms are finding that building their own Web sites can increase the site’s usefulness for both the firm and for the firm’s customers. Since the firm has built the Web site from the ground up, they know where everything is located, and information can be edited and added very easily without having to call the building firm. Because of this intense knowledge of its own site, a firm can better help their clients and customers to navigate the site and find useful information, hopefully attracting their business.

The Web sites are created on simple-to-use site builders that are offered by many companies, and many of which come at a very low price. The maintenance cost on these Web sites is next to nothing because of the lack of a parent site company. This is often a great deal for businesses, both large and small.

Free Web Site Builders

There are a number of free site builders that are located all over the Internet. Several site builders allow companies to simply download their software and start to build their site. These sites can be customized and made any way the company wants. It can have several different types of media and interesting additions to entice potential clients when they visit the site. Some examples of these free sites that allow web building services are MoonFruit, Jimdo, WebNode, and Google Sites.

These builders are all free of charge for the user because they acquire most of their revenues from advertising, which is located on their download pages. They also accept donations to help keep the site running. These sites are also subject to some limitations. Most free site builders only allow a certain number of Web pages to be built, mainly because free software lacks the space to safe hundreds of pages. Certain types of media may also not be workable on these builders.

Another option that many companies have turned to is using free blogging sites to create their sites on. These blogging sites come already formatted and are very easy to manipulate, which allows them to be great sites for companies.

Other Site Builders

There are a number of site builders that will build extremely professional looking sites and allow users to edit and manipulate the site, but most of these high end site builders can be very costly. These may not be a good alternative for a small business owner. Larger companies can afford to create these sites with the more professional software.

Intuit is one of the most widely used site builders for businesses. This framework specializes in building professional looking sites and allowing users to build many pages. Each page is likely to cost more money, and a pay-as-you go style of charge is created.

Site builders such as this are highly recommended for companies that want to uphold a professional image, even though it may cost a little more.

Either way, building a site is still much cheaper than having a site built by an outside company. Site building companies not only charge to create the site, but they charge to maintain it and to keep it on their servers. Building is the way to go for a business that wants to have more independence and get their name out there for customers to see.

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