Tips for Making Professional Videos for Your Business

It is no secret that the use of video in digital marketing is on the rise. Businesses of different sizes across the globe are using video marketing as an effective tool to promote their products and services. Not only video content helps to boost conversions and sales but also builds trust.

According to a study, 64 to 85% of people are more likely to shop a product after viewing a video about it. Another study claims that videos that explain your brand’s story more clearly build trust with your audience.

Nowadays, videos have also been used as branded content to make a better connection with consumers. Branded video content is a sponsored video that is not promotional for the paying brand. On the contrary, the main objective of such video is educating people about the product and service, resulting in better brand engagement, better audience reach, greater loyalty, and more trust. It simply shows that there are plenty of ways you can use video content for the marketing of your brand or business.

When video content marketing has so many benefits for a business why don’t you give it a try in 2019? Below are the top tips for making professional videos for your business.

1. Know Your Target Audience

Before you write a script for your video, think about who your target audience is and what their requirements are. For instance, if your objective is to drive awareness about your product or service, your audience can be different and large than the users already on your site who need little encouragement to add products into their carts.

2. Begin with a Brainstorm

Sometimes, you don’t get ideas on what video you should create for your business and how. For most newbies or non-experts, it is tricky to turn an idea for a video. Nevertheless, you can start with a brainstorm to build some great ideas. Keep notes on your all sessions as you never know some of them can be served as inspiration for video making in future.

3. Have a Solid Script

A solid script is a foundation for success when it comes to corporate video. You can start with determining the format for the video. For example, a product demo video needs a carefully written script whereas a Q&A video will require you to prepare a list of pre-written questions.

Once you have decided on a format, create a precise outline and then fill in the details. At last, create a graphic representation of how your video will unfold.

4: Get a Professional Video Editing Tool

Some of the most viral videos on YouTube have been created by amateurs, but as a business person, you can’t do the same. If you want your business videos to look professional, invest in a reliable video marketing tool that supports features help in boosting your marketing strategies.

There are a number of tools available in the marketplace that allows professional video making. The one tool you may try out for free is Renderforest. It is a cloud-based video editor tool lets you create video intros, slideshows, animations, music visualizations and more.

The tool can be used by both individuals and businesses. It has a wide range of pre-designed templates to choose from, making the video-creating process easy and fast. Moreover, it doesn’t break your bank as it is an inexpensive tool.

5: Have a Clear Message & Minimize Corporate Jargons

Your video should be easy to understand. It should clearly disclose what your business does and how it can help people solve their issues. A detailed and complicated video can be annoying that may make viewers search for something simpler. Try to keep your video brief, specific and compelling. Your main message should be to one or two main points.

6: Don’t Miss out SEO

Search engine optimization can play a big role in the organic promotion of your business video. Don’t forget to add keywords in the title, descriptions, and tags when uploading your video. The right SEO implementation ensures that your website is easily available to your targeted audience in search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.

7: Add Call-to-Action

Make sure your video has a visible call-to-action at the end. It gives you an opportunity to take your targeted audience to the next step of your sales funnel. According to your strategy, you can use any call to actions such as “subscribe to our newsletter”, “call for more information”, and more.

8: Add Music

An appropriate music selection to your business video can take your marketing strategy to the next level. Remember, the right piece of music generates an entertaining atmosphere and motivates viewers to watch the video until the end.

9: Feature Real Customers

If you feature real employees on your corporate videos, it draws the attention of potential customers. Moreover, they get the opportunity to know about the actual people behind your corporation, which also helps in generating trust.

10: Don’t Forget Mobile Users

More than 78% of video content is watched via mobile devices, Therefore, you simply can’t ignore mobile users. Make sure your video content is optimized to play on a variety of mobile devices.

11: Take Advantage of Social Media Platform

No matter how creative and effective your business video is, if it does not have viewership, it can’t give you the benefit you are looking for. You can take help of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to promote your corporate videos.

Final Words

Over the years, the value of video content has grown dramatically in the online marketing sphere. A video is an engaging and versatile content which has the better potential to give your targeted audience a real life picture of what your business does and how it can be useful for them.

Today, most people prefer to consume video content because it is easy to digest. For business owners, it provides huge ROI (return on investment) through different channels. So, if you are into a business and wondering how to market your business in a better way, video content marketing can be an ideal option for you.

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