The New Firefox Rapid Release will Pivotely Enhance and Strengthen the Online Security

Mozilla community is proud to announce that very soon it is once again coming up with its recent Rapid Release which will be compatible to work with Firefox version 10 just in a few months, in early 2012. Mozilla community of develoers, engineers, and other innovative people are dedicatedly working to achieve their goal and promises that it will be the first rapid release milestone in true sense.

The upcoming release of Firefox will definitely serve as boon for developers, through faster adoption of standards support. The team of developers and engineers working on the launch of Firefox version 10, says that a potential increase in HTML5 and CSS3 functionality will grant the upcoming Firefox version a similar level of support to that of Chrome, along with an added potential security.

Actually, earlier this year the Mozilla Corporation coincided the release of Firefox 4 with the launch of a new “rapid release cycle” and announced that from March 2011 onwards this popular web browser would be upgraded after every 6 weeks. This ambitious initiative taken by the enthusiastic team of Mozilla community to move over to a more agile release process has resulted many complications for the users at a major scale. Several issues started arising from the user side that instead of providing any update or added support for the older version trunks, Mozilla is continuously engaged in updating the browser on a monthly basis which is really worthless. This all has tempted the company to take some initiatives in this regard and the upcoming release is one of the result of that initiatinve.

When the regular users of Mozilla Firefox started giving their opinions that instead of the rapid release launch, the company should provide added support to its users by launching several utilities which can enhance the capibility of the older versions as well as increase security on the Web, Mozilla Corporation has declared that very soon it will address update fatigue, stopping users getting frustrated by regular notifications. Mozilla Corporation has admitted this and with its team decided to launch several utilities which might enhance and strengthen the online security.

Mozilla is drived by the mission to push the web faster and make it a better place removing all the threats. Mozilla community believes in the fact that in order to win, the web needs to be agile and responsive and to acheive that, the entire web community including Engineers, developers, programmers need to be agile and responsive as well as communicate among them with clarity and sensitivity, too. Every rapid release advances the Mozilla community’s mission as in every relaese it add some extra features and improvements for users and new APIs and standards to get web developers faster. It is really appreciuaple that very soon Mozilla will solve the claims of the end users by launching its rapid release to work with its older version.

Bryan Lazaris

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