The Necessary Skills Required By a Web Developer for Developing Web Apps

Web application development is a broad subject which cannot be enclosed in a limited boundary. As broad the subject is, as extensive knowledge it requires. When we talk of the modern era, web application is serving nearly every purpose if life and thus we can say that if you are desirous to be a web application developer; there would never be a better time than today itself.

Although web development industry welcomes the youngsters in its widespread varieties of streams ranging from mobile design, to mobile apps, front-end development, and developers for particular platforms like osCommerce or WordPress, but one of its fastest growing stream which are on the hike today and is best suited as per choice of web developers is the creation of entire website applications.

In this blog post, we are detailing the necessary skills required by a web developer for developing any kind of web applications. This post mainly dealt with the set of required technologies, skill set, which a developer must possess if he/she has jumped into the web development industry. He must have knowledge of certain things whether he/she is developing web application for his/her clients or may be dealing with their personal projects. Let we see what those required skills are; these are mentioned as under:

Some Type of Server-Side Scripting Languages

One of the most important things for a web developer is that he/she must possess knowledge of server side scripting language. This is the most remarkable point that the thing which separates front-end developers from those who make full web apps is knowledge of a server-side scripting language. We can define server-side language as the language that runs on a server; for example: PHP, Perl, Ruby, Java or ASP. Every web developer has their own choice and it depends upon the choice of developers that which server side scripting language they would like to go along with or which one suits to their need at its best.

Generally, it is seen that web developers commit a mistake that they often try to learn too many languages at the same time which is not required in true sense. This craze of web developers for knowing every languages results in wastage of time and ultimately, they couldn’t attain deep knowledge of even a particular one. So it is advisable to them that without wasting time in learning several languages, just choose one, stick to it, and focus on learning more about it such as best practices, syntax, collect snippets and scripts, and much more. Once you feel that you have had a complete command over that, then try it on some project and then move towards trying another popular framework if you wish.

Object Oriented Programming and Coding Archicture

Although knowing the syntax and semantics are just the basic things a developer should have, but the main success of being developer lies in the fact that whatever you code, you continue it in right way or not; and for this the knowledge of object oriented programming and coding architecture is compulsory. It is advisable to follow the object-oriented practices for any language. Also it is suggested to re-use code and keep files and code in order to gain hands on expertise on programming and coding structure.

There are endless resources including PDF files, tutorials etc available on web which will explain you the logic behind OOP’s, programming architecture, MVC architecture (Model-View-Controller) and so on. Learning the programming architecture will let you maintain the maintain consistency and efficiency of code. Once you have the acquired the knowledge of how to organize code, it becomes easy to update, and runs efficiently for you.

Knowledge of Database Design

A database is a broad and inseparable part of any project. If you are dealing with any kind of project, whether web application development or entire website development; the most needed part you are going to face is the use of a database; thus it is very much required for you to have an idea of how to structure database well. Most of the web developers assume that database is a easy handled topic and hence can be covered easily; some novice developers also believe that database design can vary fully for each type of application; but they should remember similar to learning a new programming language or coding methodologies, using good database design also takes practice and there are several sets of rules, concepts, and best practices for database design, just as there are for the programming language and web app architecture itself.

Having poor knowledge of designing database not only put you into difficulties in keeping your code straight in relation to it, but as the information begins to populate you can also notice errors slowing down your web application. If you need some resources for your assistance, below are a few resources to get started:

Smart Use of AJAX

The use of Ajax in different application is the prevailing trend of today as it allows JavaScript to interact with the server with the help of a server-side scripting language. Besides these, it loads a server-side script from inside JavaScript and waits for a response, updating the page or working with a database without having to refresh. Most of the time on certain site, you might have faced it; while logging-in, registering or updating a profile, you might have seen the work done without reloading or refreshing the page, that was the result of practical use of Ajax there. AJAX is proving highly beneficial to mobile websites creating a much better user experience.

For the detailed learning of Ajax, we are providing below a few resources along with some specific tutorials:

Integration with Third Party Services

These days, there is another prevailing trend, i.e. the integration of a web application with third party services like Facebook, Twitter, Google, PayPal, Amazon or any other. Thus a web developer must possess the skill of integrating web application with third party services. Integration with third party services will let the developers to sign in via a popular social network, connect their data from another service to the web app to use. It will also let them to take some sort of other action which they wish to do. It has become the universal approach and hence must to be learnt by a web designer.

For further reference, use the guide referred here:

Understanding Web Services Specifications:

Responsive or Mobile Development

In the today’s era where everything is dealt electronically, it is very much required that every application should have a mobile version, tablet version, so that it can be able to easily accommodate many screen sizes. In other words it can be accessed from everywhere with any devices offering pleasing experience to the visitors. If it will not so, or a user face any difficulties in accessing it, it may result into defame of the application’s brand.

The Basics of Good Business, UI Design, and Strategy

Although it is very much necessary to have an idea of how to create any application, it is more important to know how to implement that very application. Being a web developer, it is very much required for you to have the basic knowledge of good business strategy, UI design as well as strategy of how to market a web app. It should be noted that it doesn’t matter how fastest, most efficient, best coded application you launch in the market, rather it matters how it will be executed from a design and business standpoint of view. If it will be poorly executed, it is sure that the brand will not succeed in the market.

Version Control

Although it is not the necessity but as far as possible, a developer should be aware of a great versioning system of the web apps he is going to develop. Version control of any application helps in keeping track of updates and fixes, hence it must be taken into consideration.


In the web driven society, where new web applications are popping up every day, every minute, there is no great idea other than engaging oneself in the web development industry. If you are willing to join the niche in the web development industry as a web application developer, it’s really a smart choice made by you. Once you get yourself involved in this niche, you will likely come to know likely why so many developers choose to go with this route.

We would like to know, what’s your opinion regarding this. Please feel free to leave your comments in the comment section of this blog post.


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