The Indispensable Role of Keywords in SEO

Have you ever wondered why when you key in some words in search engines search button, there are list of phrases that automatically being suggested below the space where you type your searches? Those suggested phrases are known as keywords which serve as a guide for search engine users on the keywords relevant to their searches. Basically, when you will be talking about search engine optimization, you cannot alienate the concept of keyword integration in your site content.

In fact, using of keywords is the basic element that SEO companies and SEO consultants are putting great consideration. This is because incorporating right keywords to your site will give your site a greater chance to be visited by search engine users as they browse for information via the web. That is why it is really important that your site be placed among the top ranking sites in terms of search engine visibility because it has been proven on various studies that people won’t actually waste time browsing over the bottom results page, but instead they simply settle on the top ten or twenty sites shown in the search engine result’s page most especially if their need for information is already met.

However, keyword incorporation is not just a mere insertion of keywords to your site for the sake of being able to meet the keyword requirement determined by the search engine algorithm such as that of Google Panda. Take note, your users are not robots who would simply be dictated by what you are trying to convey on your site. Your users are human beings who visit your site because they want something from your site and they expect to get results from your site. And if you will be too focused in incorporating keywords to your site content because you want your page to get a higher page rank to the point of compromising the content quality, you will only get your visitors dismayed or disappointed which in turn would earn your site a negative impression from your users. The next time, you won’t get any user to visit your site anymore.

That is the reason why SEO companies and SEO consultants are really investing their time, effort and expertise in coming up with sets of keywords which satisfy the search engine algorithm requirement and as well the need of the target audience. SEO companies and SEO consultants invest in keyword research and content development because it’s really the content of your site that matters above all. Hence, every keyword incorporated in your site must be properly researched as to its popularity and relevance.

Basically, integrating keywords to your site is a matter of choosing the specific keywords or key phrases that you want where your site containing the said keywords to be indexed. For example, if your site is optimized with this keyword “health insurance”, when a user code in “health insurance” in   search engines, chances are your site will be one of those top ranking sites which are accessible to that user.

The rule of thumb in choosing the right keywords  as applied by SEO companies and SEO consultants is that, you should go for keywords which have the least competitors meaning only a few venture on that keyword, and have the highest search volume turnouts meaning that keyword is very popular among search engine users. With this scenario, you really have to allot part of your time to do effective and efficient keyword research before considering a specific keyword to be incorporated into your site content. And, when you have discerned the right keyword to use, that’s the time, you can build the content of your site in a way that it meets the search engine algorithm and the needs of your target audience as well.


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