Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) a Bliss or Fuss

The Stop Online Piracy Act, SOPA which is also popular as H.R.3261 is powerful act introduced by Lamar Smith, a representative of Texas in US House of Representatives on 26 October 2011. The motive to raise the bill is to provide a helping hand to the law and copyright holders fighting for online privacy of the scholarly possessions.

The bill is divided in two parts one is focused on skirmishing “foreign rogue sites that can build possibilities for copyright infringement. The second part is focused on increasing the penalties to fight with the theft of intellectual possessions through digital ways.

American Censorship Day and SOPA

On November 16, 2011, US celebrated the American Censorship Day to fight with SOPA in any way. This is a day when a large of number of popular websites is raising their awareness in order for the Stop Online Piracy Act. On this Day, US Congress held its hearings to talk about this controversial bill. This bill will mandate the creation of backlist of domain names which is needed to block for all the American users.

SOPA: The Policy Behind

The whole idea behind SOPA seems appropriate and reasonable for the cause. It is actually going to work in a manner by trying to stop piracy online. Various companies in the entertainment industry are not very happy about people downloading their possessions without their consent. SOPA will help the companies to block the domain names of the existing sites who can simply go by infringing copyright.

How does it going to affect

SOPA is going to change the internet usage and policies largely. It is going to grant the actual powers to the government to put many restrictions on the websites using Copyrighted content. This way a large number of people will come under the suspicion and government can take legal action to shut over the entire domain for even a single violation. SOPA is just not concerned about the internet policy but it can also cost upon the business of a lot of people. The online policies of SOPA are very strict due to which website’s information will disappear completely. The censorship of internet privacy can lead to monopolies of the few websites online.

Various Big Names Opposing SOPA

Among the various sites, opposing and protesting against the bill are Tumblr, Firefox, and Reddit. All three websites have shown their protest by drawing black lines over their websites on Wednesday to show their disagreement with the proposed American Censorship Law in form of SOPA for the protection privacy and stopping online piracy.


Tumbler clacked out the user-generated content on their site and showed their protest in this way. Mozzila and Reddit are also against SOPA and participated in American censorship Day. They protested by censoring their logos on their official sites. Companies like Yahoo, Google, eBay, Facebook, AOL, Twitter, and Zynga have also shown their protest and sent a letter to the members of US congress that says all about the risks and serious issues with SOPA that can push a serious problem to the industry’s growth.


Conclusively, we can state that protecting privacy policy is a major concern for everyone but it cannot be done by forcing some harsh steps. SOPA is swiftly coming on the floors to protect the rights of the entertainment industry, so if we wish to protest against we need to buckle our shoes right now.

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