SEO Audit Tips: Find Latest Examples Why Your Source Code Matters

Many of the SEO experts are unaware about this crucial fact that SEO audit includes analyzing source codes which play a significant role in the performance of the site. Developing and modifying the code is used to be the part of developers job but with the new reaches of SEO tools they come down to the pocket of bona-fide Search Engine Optimizers. A sagacious SEO audit includes the modification and implementation of various tags, scripts, etc., which affects the result of Search Engines at a very big level.

Now a days, many interfaces like WordPress or Joomla has manifested themselves in a way allowing the SEO experts to make the required changes in the source code easily.

The mentioned below points are those simple mistakes in the source code of the website, which can be recovered by SEO Consultants without much of technical knowledge. Though, there are many changes required that help in splurging the site on popular search engines but these are the simplest and easiest one.

Source Code affects SEO through these vital coding

Canonical URL Tag Issues

SEO Audit Tips: canonical issue

The canonical tag performs great for the site but only with the sagacious use in the source code. Otherwise, it can shatter the whole website. The target of using this tag is to catch the duplicate content and inform search engines. The most appropriate use of the tag is simply fantastic as it helps in consolidating link equity across multiple URLs, which carries the same content. Now, SEO expert can presume how this tag can destroy the whole SEO tactics, if used incorrectly in the coding. If the site is displaying a single product in varied colors, and every color of the product comes in different URL then this tag tells the engine that the attribute should be given to the original or the first page of the product.

Server-Side Code Showing Up Client-Side

serverside client side

This is one of the major or we can say silly mistake done by most of the developers. Sever side coding on HTML source code would harm the site in many ways. The HTML source code of the website is viewable to every visitor, competitor or hackers, which may give catastrophic results to the site sooner or later. The absence of server side coding will lose the intended content and functionality of the site may affect the rendering and performance very badly. The visibility of the code to the user will cause a Googlebot at the time of crawling your website.

CSS Manipulation & Hidden Content

Hidden content mistake is quite common in websites. It makes a drastic change in the looks and later on the performance of the website on search engines. By intentionally or unintentionally, content is not displayed on page and is not visible to the users. CSS files have many technical codes to hide content or stuff the page with keywords which can be caught by disabling the JavaScript and CSS.

Meta Robots Problems

meta robot

Meta robots tags are quite important and play a significant role as it instruct search engines to not index a certain page or not follow any links on the page and so on. Any SEO expert can gauge how harmful it can be for the site if not used in the most appropriate way.

Multiple Head Elements, Title Tags & More

meta title & heading

HTML head element is structured to contain many elements such as title tag, Meta description, canonical URL tag, etc. Any irregularity in framing the tags or repeating a same tag which are empty or malformed may cause a serious problem in search engine ranking.

Excessive Script Code

Excessive code will directly affect the speed of loading and may cause lots of unnecessary errors to disturb the functionality of a website. While auditing your site go through the content and reduce unnecessary code.

Malformed Anchors and Canonicals

Web users will not spend their precious time on broken links of your website; make sure that internal coding of page linking is apparent and accurate. Page Rank linking should get started from high page rank to lower or siblings and child pages on this internal coding of links might give good results.

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