Proven Strategies to Make Facebook More SEO Friendly And Get More Exposure

As we have also discussed in earlier posts that Facebook plays a vital role in the growth and expansion of any business representing a fantastic marketing opportunity via shares & referrals. But in most of the scenario where most of the sites uses WordPress or any other CMS platform, it becomes really critical to incorporate SEO strategies into the Facebook pages so that they can get maximum exposure that they deserve. Especially for businesses, Facebook serves as perfect medium in bringing the visitors traffic and converting them to teh regular customers or buyers.

SEO strategies matters a lot in every aspect either in the promotion of the site or in incrementing the conversion rates. Thus when both these elements, i.e. Facebook and SEO strategies will be well integrated with each other, one working behind the scene while other in front of the scene, it must yield in fruitful result and that is why SEO strategies for Facebook are important.

We are providing here some of the proven strategies that will make Facebook more SEO friendly enabling it to get more exposure. Go through these strategies and apply it on your business sites to boom your business.

Choose a Great Facebook Page Name

A convincing name is the first prior thing which should be taken into consideration before implementing any business strategy. It is advisable to choose a great business name which must not seem too spammy or  not too generic because both have disadvantages; if the name will be too generic, Facebook might blacklist the name. The name should also be such that it must be something descriptive and easy to remember; it should be noted that once you have a name, don’t change the page name because renaming is not considered from the SEO perspective. Once the name is established it should be kept and tried to make it branded.

Facebook URL Names Are Also Important

The second important thing is that now Facebook allows vanity names, so make it should be made sure to add one if one can or if anyone wishes. It should be noted that Facebook requires 100 fans before one can pick a username, which can be done by visiting Also the URL names should contain the business names so that it must be a searchable term.

Use Keyword Rich Text to fill out the “About” and “Info” Sections of Your Facebook Page

It is advisable to use keyword rich text to fill out the “About” and “Info” sections of the Facebook page, the advantage of doing this is that it will place searchable terms near the top of the Facebook page in the CSS.  It should also be made sure that address information must be included  so that the page will pop up on local searches which is Google’s favorite; also,  “info” section must include link to the website.

Make Facebook Picture Descriptions Count

Facebook is an excellent visual medium. It should be remembered that Facebook changes titles on photos but descriptions always live on; thus description should always be keyword rich. It is suggested to use as much keywords as possible; show your clients why they should use your services, what additional advantage they will get etc. It is needed to show your creativity to the clients because it is the designers venture which impresses the clients to a great extent to hire your services.

Use Keywords in Your Facebook Status Updates

Whenever the Facebook page is updated, it is advisable for you to must include the keywords because it will increase visibility and search ability. These all in turn will play a vital role in bringing a huge traffic of visitors to your own site and in this way fulfills the aim of getting exposure to the visitors.

You must have seen that when you “attach link” Facebook gives you the opportunity to edit the text by clicking on the box. This is really a  great opportunity to include keyword-enriched text as early as possible followed by URL of your website. It should be noted that don’t try to put everything on Facebook; only provide the interesting enticing bit that must raise curiosity in the people and tempt them to read more and finally to follow your website your website.

Use Notes and Discussion Boards On Facebook

It is considered as the good practice to use notes and discussion boards on Facebook because contents of both of these are indexable and thus can work well for great SEO. Apart from the SEO point of view it is also important in the sense that most of the people go online just to use Facebook and nothing else. Thus the use of notes and discussion boards is the perfect medium to reach these group of people.

Include Shares & Likes on your websites

The last but not least, it is advisable to include  Shares and Likes on the website. Include something new and exciting news so that people can stay on your website, and get impressed to such a level that they feel tempted to like or share your contents with others. This is one of the best way to monetize the platform and get the most out of Facebook.


From the above post it must have become clear to you that if The Facebook page of your site are operated and optimized carefully utilizing the most effective SEO strategies, it will get maximum exposure. Use the above SEO  tricks or strategies and make out the difference what changes you have received after implementing these in your FB code. It is assured that if you will pay a little extra time and energy in f0llowing these within a certain timeline the graph of your visitors traffic will reach higher than what you expect. 

David Meyer

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