Pros and Cons of Buying Links for SEO Purposes

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to build traffic to your site and boost your income. Not a normal marketing tool, SEO can do wonders for your bottom line by bringing your site toward the top of search results. There are many elements that go into making an SEO campaign. Linkbuilding is just one element, but it happens to be one of the most vital.

It also is probably the most time consuming and difficult. Since it is so rewarding , yet so tough, many webmasters have taken to buying links for SEO purposes. This means they pay other webmasters to post links to their site. This may seem like a great solution to making one of the toughest elements of SEO easier, but it isn’t that simple. Before you start paying for links, there are several pros and cons of buying links for SEO purposes to consider.

Pro: It is far easier.

Buying links for SEO dramatically cuts down on the time you have to spend linkbuilding. It is quick and easy to do; no skill is required.

Con: It isn’t necessarily ethical.

Because many search engines frown on link buying, many webmasters and SEO experts have started to look at link buying as unethical. Paying for links for SEO is considered a Blackhat SEO technique, and many liken buying links to cheating at a game.

Pro: It works.

If you pay for links, the chances are good that you will get very high quality links that you could never have gotten with all the hard work in the world. These links often come from sites that have high search result rankings themselves, so you find your website propelled toward the top of the search results. You will probably even get direct traffic through these paid links as well.

Con: It can get you blacklisted.

You can get in some serious trouble if you get caught. Google, for instance, has made buying link a major no-no through their Terms of Service. It is easy as pie for someone else to report you, and the search engine itself could end up finding you out. If you are caught buying links for SEO purposes you will get penalized. This could be a simple bump down the search results all the way up to your site being removed from the popular search engine’s index. If you get caught, all of your hard work and money spent is for naught.


Buying links for SEO purposes works, and it can make you some big bucks. It is also something that the search engines frown upon, and if you get caught you may find that your site is completely ignored from then on by the big search engines. Even though it is a risky venture, a lot of webmasters do it, even for big sites. This isn’t to say that you should or shouldn’t give it a shot; whether or not you should buy links is something that is up to you to decide.

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