Project Google Glass: Features & Functionality of Google Glass

As you heard about project Google glass has been over now and the project glass has been come into existence as Google Glass. In this post you will have Google Chrome Glass including Google Glass videos.

Perhaps, you would be hear about Google’s video glasses and you will be pleased to know that eventually it has been released. Apart of great internet products like search, blogger, documents etc. Google has revealed an amazing hardware. Yes, I am speaking about Google Glass. Further, Google added that the revolutionary eye-wear Google Glass has incorporated various regularly employed features of Google, which are being used by people in large extent like chat, map navigation including some useful offline features such as voice recognition that support a in-built camera and many more. Also Google stated that it will be available for consumers in the year of 2014.

Therefore, in order to make you better comprehension I have included Google Glass videos which describes and visualize the elements of Google Glass, How Google Glass work and the feature of Google Glass. Let’s take a look over this.

Google Glass – Features with Walkthrough Video

Google Glass – How it Works

However, now let me make you introduce with some impressive features of Google Glass that it will perform and tends you to be more flexible with Google products I said above and offline services meeting all your imaging needs–

In-built Camera: This Google Glass spectacles comes with an in-built camera. On the top of the button you will got a button which is capable to capture a snap excellently. Moreover, in account of camera you can get information about a nearby surroundings, location and etc.

Voice recognition: This is the most innovative and amazing feature of Google Glass. It comes with voice sensor which make all things to happen. In addition you can get idea about location and direction of nearest places, hotels, parks etc. put a reminder or create notes just in account of voice command.

Connectivity: Google Glasses are supported by 3G and 4G connectivity including GPS support and Google Maps.

Google+ services: Still accessing Google+ was limited only upto your smartphones and PC but now it enables you to connect as well as smooth access the Google+ via Google glasses.

Weather Forecasting: You can congregate the current weather forecast any time even on the move on the Google Glass screen.

Google Search: As, this immersing product is from Google, the world most popular search engine then how it can be sit away. However, you can do Google Search even on the screen of Google Glass in most proficient way.

Video Chats: You can also enjoy Video Chats and video calls on this device.

Clock & Calendar: In account of this feature of clock & calendar you can set reminder and create notes too.

In addition, it has comprised other impressive features including video gallery, Google image, Google cloud and miscellaneous.

However, before ending my words, I would like to add one thing more about its voice sensor technology in account of which it perform all actions as you direct. For this, simply you are required to give command to make the things happen as you wish. Moreover, this eye-wear Google Glass is considered as an incredible device which have the capability to make you compel to switch over your smartphone as it has got almost all features of smartphone.


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