Privacy Policy

WebGranth is a website that is essentially a knowledge base for web designers and developers. Users can submit their blogs, articles and other content on the website for different purposes. By using the WebGranth website, you agree that your website usage will be governed by a set of terms and conditions. These terms of use are subject to revision and hence, you are requested to check this page on a regular basis. If you do not agree to follow the terms of use explained here, you must not continue to use this website.

  • The content of this website is meant for general information, entertainment or discussion purposes. We do not endorse the views expressed in the blogs and other content published on WebGranth website.
  • The publishers of the content are responsible for its accuracy and truthfulness and are requested not to publish content that involves:
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    2. Any kind of activity that is illegal under the law.
    3. Untrue representation of your affiliation with any individual or company and an act of impersonation.
    4. Violation of a copyright or infringement of intellectual property of any individual or organization.
    5. Use of obscene, blasphemous, hateful or bigoted words and feelings.
    6. Violation of any local, national or international law or regulation.
  • We reserve the right to convert do-follow link to no-follow link for your content at any point of time without providing any prior notice.
  • We also reserve the right to remove any content posted on the website that is illegal or does not conform to our policy.
  • Any unauthorized or illegitimate use of the website to transmit emails that violate the policy will be subjected to criminal or civil proceedings under law.
  • We are not liable to compensate for any loss resulting from the use of our website to any of our users or contributors.
  • The terms and conditions mentioned here are a form of agreement between the site owners/affiliate and the users and will supersede any kind of written or verbal agreements between the parties.