Print Designing: Basic Guidelines for Web designers

Professional trends of today’s generation displays their capability for making jumps in their opposite fields. In the same context, we can find more and more web designers getting attracted towards and print designing to design exclusive print layouts. The basic force that drives designers of the digital world towards print designing is the creativity quotient present in every person of design field. Every designer who can design creative layouts for websites can greatly try to switch over print designing.

For a web designer it is essential to stress over few basic tips needed to come up with successful print layouts. In this post, we have decided to provide strong support to the creativity of the web designers of print designing.

Switching over print designing can be a long term or a short span decision but one should devise only explicit examples in design field. For designing layouts in print one is required to have a detailed outlook about the print designing by understanding every part of it deeply. To prevent web designers from making mistakes while designing print layouts.

print designing tips for web designers

Print Designs: Evolution and Importance for Web Designing

Soon after the advancement of internet and personal computer, print designs started taking a back seat but they were not diminished completely. With prospering technological development thorough web designing print designing got a settled place in the industry. Learning skills of print designing can be an added value for a web designer that may help him to have a strong hold in the industry. For instance, companies owning a small business prefer to go for a single person for every part of designing. After learning versed knowledge of print designing you may also try on designing business cards, stationary, apparels, newspaper ads, and many other stuff along with website designing and logo designing.

A web designer is blessed with a creative mind and this is the only reason due to which he can successfully handle web and print both. Most of the people prefer to go with a single designer for their various designing ends to get rid of the headache while working with multiple designers.

Basic Tips for Print Designing


In the world of web, designing one can utilize the low-resolution images greatly. In web, designing the imagery detail is limited but in print designing, the case is extremely opposite. By learning the basics of using low and high-resolution layouts both, one will find dealing with low-resolution web work easy. The main reason for this is the fact that all the graphics created by the web designers on computer under 72 dpi. Smaller images are not concentrated under processing as compared larger images. Photoshop can be different software if a print designer wishes to switch over web designing.

Print Designing

Pixels to Inches

One of the biggest differences in print designing and web designs is the contrast of inches and pixels. Print designing are considered in the dimensions of inches unlike web designs. While using Photoshop for print designs one needs to set the dimensions into inches. The resolution and size of image are interdependent a 1,200 pixel wide with 300 dpi document is much better than a 1,200 pixel and 72 dpi. The density of ink is the matter of concern here.

No 300dpi All the Time

It is not at all important that a print designing is bound to print the graphics in a 300dpi workspace. Some of the smallest formats in print are meant to be printed in 300dpi. These items are small item that one holds in hand. For a big print designing like billboard, it is inevitable to have a large resolution to make sure that people 100 feet way can even watch it easily. Generally banners, posters and billboards are built in 15odpi and below as per the required size.

Is It Necessary to Go for a Low Resolution Design?

It is true that computers have the capability to toss the 72dpi graphical image easily and faster than a 300dpi image graph. According to the common practice, designers have a tendency to go with the low-resolution graphics for the first few rounds. However, the point of discussion is the question that do we really need to go for a low-resolution design. Among the print designers, this is the much-debated topic. Actually if designers do have an acquaintance for working with high resolution graphic jobs then there is no need to go for low resolution. The only time to prefer for a low resolution is stock imagery. Working upon the items of stock sites is advised to go for low resolution.

Colors in Print

Use of colors is very important in designing that covers a large topic to debate. Earlier designer were needed to be concerned about the web friendly colors but today we have smart tools like Photoshop to manage the color contrast and combination well. For print designing one need to think according to the spread of ink and not the light. Colors on screen looks different from the colors on paper this is the reason due to which one need to be a bit careful.

Print Designing

To get the best printing result it is suggestible to go for a detailed research to search for getting the best print designing. Among various print techniques a standard four-color print designing job is known as the easiest one to handle but it may be possible that you have utilize one or may be two colors to save the client’s expenditure. In this sense, one is required to design extremely creative designs with a limited pallete.

Tools apart from Photoshop

Web designing involve use of Dreamweaver, fireworks and many tools but the entire work of web designers largely depends on Photoshop. In print designing, the designers make use of applications like InDesign and Illustrator. There are still some people using Quark for some baseless reasons. Apart from Photoshop, one can successfully use various other tools for print designing.

Print Designing

Now, we should understand the reason to utilize various applications in a manner to incorporate them in the workflow systematically. To think over this topic it is important to know that Photoshop is for raster graphics and all other kind of graphics should be handled by other effective apps like illustrator and several others. For Example, you can initiate with Photoshop for creating a magazine cover by observing correction for colors, cloning, styling, and others to make the picture ready to print designing. After this step you should place the PSD into Indesign with overlay of vector graphics and content and finish with the rest of the designing the cover.

Design of a print page can also be seen as a brain-teasing puzzle and here InDesign is the top where we create layout of the puzzle. One can create different pieces of a print designing in other applications and bring them together in InDesign.

Photoshop and Text of the Layout

After getting, the layout done the most wondering thing is the inability of Photoshop to handle text. It is easy to write for plain text using InDesign. This far better text engine works better but also provides advanced manipulation of text in an automated way. It also checks the spelling of the text automatically.

Crop and Bleed

Another major concern that is required to be taken into consideration is failing to design a print layout with a bleed. Most of the Print designing vendors need to have some kind of specification from the designers to observe the process correctly. Designers are pickier and hence better observers too. Creating a print design with bleed is a very easy process that let you do get a professional print designing every time. By inserting a print in the design, one can create much larger design than the usual size.

Print Designing

In print designing there are there are three levels involved in the model of a layouts: bleed, trim and live. The easiest of all trim, as one is just required to be seen as the final copy of the printed document. The larger part is the bleed where the job is to expand the background in a stretched way. It actually helps us to add 0.25 inches to the overall size that results into 1/8 extended size of the overall document. Live area is the smallest part which is also very important. Generally, it is really a bad practice to put a non-bleeding graphical image or text close towards the edge of the document. Therefore, it is important to design the live area with a safe zone. There is no specific dimension decided for live area as different people use different dimensions according to their preference and utility.

Here it is important to notice that InDesign and illustrator both are capable of handling and creating such kind of documents. Before finalizing a design, one should understand the design well and consult the design vendor to produce the print designing accurately.

Design Trends

Now, we will place the focus of the whole discussion towards the approach for designing the layout. Firstly, one should exactly understand it very carefully that print is a different medium to express a motive and completely different from web designing. In web, designing one is bound inside the imagination whereas; physical appearance is the basic matter in print. You are required to insert the great amount of text so one needs to figure out the various lucrative ways to create a readable and attractive ways.

Print Designing

Always keep that fact in mind that design tendencies and styling of web designing may not fit well in print designing. Therefore, in order to avoid any problem just keep in mind about the designing trends in Print. For this, you can plan a tour to a bookstore where you can have a deep look at the various design layouts of magazines and tabloids. Following the latest trends will not only confirm you about your design ways but also let you know about the preferences of the people around. If you only understand the design trends of web designing then it could become a major concern for you to comprehend with the design trends of print designing. You need focus, observe, and practice a lot to produce the final copies of print designs but remember not lose hope, as creayivity is the key tool for designing of any kind.


Honestly, if you are a web designer and wish to enter print field then it is a good choice. In simpler ways, you are just dealing with the other design genre. Designing field is vast and covers a lot of designing trends and types. An opposite journey that involves technical learning can become a matter of problem but designing in print and web is more or less similar. By elaborating various parts and points of print designing, we have attempted to elaborate about the requirements of print designing. Knowledge of a person as web designer helps a lot but there are various different lessons involved in every field that it is not very easy to initiate without issues.

Designing of any kind takes time and speculation of mind to produce better layouts. We just suggest you keep practicing in your desired field to hold mastery.

Print Designing

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