Powerful time-saving WordPress Shortcodes for beginners

Creating and maintain fully functional and accessible WordPress powered website from PSD to WordPress conversion requires very advance coding. In fact, the conversion from PSD format based designs into WordPress theme/ template is one of the most complicated mechanism if compared to PSD to HTML conversion. However, anyone who has the basic knowledge of WordPress can easily work but converting PSD to WordPress can really become nightmare for those who are not professional in this field.

In this post of Web Granth, we have picked some time-saving WordPress specific shortcodes especially for beginners allow them to develop website with very little effort. These time-saving WordPress Shortcodes are highly easy-to-use and easy-to-create. One can implement these ready-to-use WordPress shortcodes to make their PSD to WordPress work process simpler when it comes to developing WordPress websites.

Shortcode are the WordPress-specific codes introduced with Version 2.5 WordPress and normally work as shortcuts instead of complicated and ugly set of codes. Web developers are using these useful short codes for blog archive index, contact form, digg button, polls, gallery, video and more which is quite hard to maintain when writing in HTML/ XHTML/ CSS. In the World Wide Web, there are thousands of powerful WP shortcodes are out there.

Here are the really powerful time-saving WordPress shortcodes for beginners developing WordPress powered web portal. Take a look:
1. How to create a “Send to Twitter” shortcode

Paste the below set of codes into the functions.php file

To use this WordPress specific shortcode switch the editor to HTML mode and type 1[twitter]. a “Send to Twitter” link will display where the shortcode copied and placed.

2. How to Create a “Subscribe to RSS” Shortcode

Copy this code into your functions.php file of theme/ template to create a “Subscribe to RSS” shortcode. Make sure you replace the example of feed URL with your website url.

Subscribe to RSS

We hope our post on “Powerful time-saving WordPress Shortcodes for beginners” helped you out in saving your lots of time while developing WordPress powered website.

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