Popular Magento Mobile Commerce Apps for New Online Businesses

When a person thinks about starting a new online business, he should be thinking out of the box. Besides thinking, execution of the different thought is also important. When it comes to starting a new online business, integrating mobile e-commerce with his e-commerce store is a smart choice! E-commerce is a flourishing industry with many technological developments and great convenience it offers.

Moreover, the internet is going mobile and many e-tailers prefer to develop effective M-commerce strategies. Immediate access to the mobile internet in the e-commerce field has changed our shopping culture. M-commerce or Mobile commerce is the latest trend in online shopping sector with rapid evolvement.

Mobile multi-channel experience

Modern customers show a ‘want it now’ shopping behavior, which make e-commerce stores to execute a mobile solution. M-commerce has wide potential to cater to the needs of different types of customers and that proves to be the most effective business strategy as well as drives incremental revenue. Mobile commerce does business through various mobile gadgets such as iPhone, tablets, Android, Smartphone, etc. Magento allows retailers to give their customers mobile multi-channel experience. One thing you must significantly consider is your e-commerce website design on the mobile gadgets and the policy of every app regarding buying a product.

This article will help you recognize the importance of Magento Mobile commerce apps for your new online business.

Mobile commerce apps enable retailers to provide a mobile enhanced store for their customers. Customers are able to enjoy shopping from retailers’ Magento store through different internet-enabled phones at anytime and from anywhere at the tip of their finger. Mobile apps are crucial for an e-commerce business, especially if it is started recently. Still, there are many retailers having a question in their mind, that, why mobile apps are important? Let’s look at the features of mobile commerce apps to have an insight.

Managing customers’ account

Every e-commerce store owner will be keen to know their customers’ account data. Mobile commerce apps help you get customers’ information in an automatic manner, that is, users are allowed to login to your web store using their username and password. This app works similar to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Providing updates and notification

It is great to get notification, wish lists and gifts from m-commerce apps. It ensures that changes made on your Magento website are immediately getting reflected in the mobile commerce apps on a real time basis.

Integrating payment gateway with M-commerce

Magento mobile commerce apps facilitate easy payment methods through gateways such as Money Bookers or PayPal. It is highly secure and safe like website payment methods.

A user friendly shopping cart

Mobile commerce apps have a user friendly shopping cart through which it allows customers to add/remove products from their wish list, delete cart time, edit the quantity of added products and view the subtotal. Hence, the app provides customers with great freedom to shop the way they want.

Helps in customer order management

Mobile commerce platform has been designed to provide customers with great functionality. Customers can place their shopping orders through mobile apps. At the same time, mobile commerce apps allow customers to cancel or change their orders. It lets customers to handle their shopping records using mobile commerce apps and Magento website. A great and best order management is made possible by m-commerce apps.

Hope you get an insight into the features and importance of mobile commerce apps for your new online business. Now, we list out a few mobile commerce apps that are a must for online businesses. These are important and crucial apps for a retail store in the web world.


Some apps can exceed the mobile limitation. Amazon is one among them. It helps your customers in their order history, account setting and to manage their wish list. When a customer is ready to buy a product, Amazon mobile app redirects his payment through the secure server.

EBay Mobile

This app is renowned as the most user friendly and interactive application that does pushing notification to answering customer queries in a simple and effective manner.

Best Buy

The functionality of the Best Buy mobile app has proved to be very helpful. This app lets customers to put their reward account number and achieve discounts on their purchase. Understanding the difficulty of purchasing gifts this app enables customers to choose gifts for their friends and family through ‘IdeaGiftr’ tool.

Conde Nast’s Lucky magazine

This app helps customers to shop by particular items. For example, if a customer wants to find some specific item, this application depending on their location will help them to find that item.

Ralph Lauren

This iPhone application provides customers with features like videos, 360 degree item rotation, designer look books, etc. It has been designed to help retailers to access their personal shoppers at a shop nearby.

Free or paid m-commerce apps

There are lots of mobile commerce apps for new online business that has been powered or integrated by Magento. Choosing the right and most suitable m-commerce apps is important and crucial for new online businesses. Hence, it is wise to consult with an SEO expert who does mobile commerce apps development or to the retailers who are using a few helpful Magento M-Commerce apps. Some of m-commerce apps are free of charge while others are paid. For new businesses, it is good to utilize free apps and when they start receiving good profit, paid apps can be included in the mobile commerce platform.


These above mentioned are e-commerce websites not powered but only integrated with Magento in order to facilitate mobile payment services. These are popular and most crucial mobile commerce applications designed for Magento platform users. These apps make mobile shopping a satisfying experience and it helps e-ccommerce retailers to get a comprehensive understanding of the market trend as well as customer behavior. Recent surveys reveal that mobile commerce apps will be responsible for around 50% of e-commerce revenue in the upcoming 4-5 years and these are downloadable more than 2 million times.

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