PHP Crawler the basic tool for creating a Web Spy Agent

PHP crawler is basically a very small and simply constructed medium to create a web spy i.e. to search the scripts of various kinds of websites. Crawler is an outstandingly helpful tool written in PHP tech language and can be utilized openly from any browser without installation. PHP crawler features safe and secure crawling with allocation to limit the page size along with full text classification.

It has a quality to find out all “href=” links constructed in JavaScript and HTML from any page. PHP crawler which is also known as PHP spider, PHP bot and also many other names too is a tool that automatically receives data processing from the various sites for many forms of utilizations.

In order to keep an eye over your competitive sites we are required to own a Web spy; it can successfully track the developments, updates, changes, and other things going on with competitors. The motive of creating such kind of device is to follow a check over the competitive forces in the market to monitor and control the pricing of various products. This is a kind of additional device that largely helps in maintaining your close watch over the market trends.

For creating a Web Spy or Scout Agent device one should always follow certain common steps that can let you reach the success result and let you maintain your strength in the industry. With the help of this post we are detailing you about the basic steps to create a Web spy Agent with PHP crawler in easy and effective manner.

The fundamental steps are as follows:

Sourcing the Requisites for Creating a Web Spy Agent

Usability of a good online server is a great resourcing way for making a web spy for any website. To create a web spy with PHP crawler one is required to use crontab, so ideally get a PHP server complaint with Linux for better results. For storing the data one is bound to get an effective database, for that one need to have MYSQL to restore the data.

Vital Process of Crawling -Web Spy Agent

For operating the crawling process in order to create a web spy agent the vital steps is to get the data upon which you can base the construction of your spy. For this one need to use fopen for opening the page, fgets in order to read out every line of the page, feof in order to keep a check over the finishing line.

Following the first step check your PHP info and enable fopen in the server for placing the code:


Here use echo $content and you will come to notice the all content pages excepting CSS and JS. The reason for receiving the pages without CSS and Js is the zappos site that shows them on the relative path of the page.

After getting the right content, the next step is to source out the product price at the relative path. To differentiate between a price page and content normal page you can simply notice the $ sign before every note in the data page. To see the prices clearly get all the data run the page with regular way to notice the exact prices on the particular page. Zappos is a beneficial for spies and has a quality to focus upon the official quoted price to stress as first always.

The codes for the second step are mentioned below:

Restoration of Data files in MYSQL format

We are required to prepare the database to collect the data. One can create a tabular format with Zappos including columns for ID, date, values and related values.

1. ID is the basic key for string data on this table.

2. Date is an important part for crosschecking and creating regular reports.

3. Value is a matter to keep the values you discovered, and other values let you create a back up for storing possible values of various data.

After creating the table one can add the data for which one is required to connect MYSQL to PHP for preparing the prices for saving. For creating perfect floats one need to connect database with and select MYSQL database for MYSQL query.

Crontab to create Cleverish Web Spy

Contran is a great way to create clever smart and unique web spy agent for. Contrab is a great way to creating backup routines, site optimization and several other things as well that cannot be done with manual efforts. For providing fresh data to the PHP crawler one need to incorporate cron job to create best Web spy for your use.

Follow the below codes:

Web Spy with Charts

web spy-charts

For using the data a database record will be not sufficient hence we need to have gvChart jQuery plugin that gets all the data from tables and make wonderful charts from it.

For this step one can follow the below codes:

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