Penguin 2.0 Losers Website: List of 25 Penguin 2.0 Affected Sites

After the latest Google Penguin 2.0 updates; the ranking of keywords in SERP has experienced an apparent avalanche. As discussed in our previous post ‘Google Penguin 2.0 Update: How to Recover from Google Penguin Update 2.0’ this update has both positive and negative effects on website. If you had experienced a negative ranking after Google’s fourth Penguin Update then you are not alone.

Even the most popular names of internet technology have been dropped in the list. Some of the most affected websites are from the genre of online Games websites and Porn websites. The renowned names like 2dplay, Salvationarmy and many more are in the list of losers after this major update.

To tell you much more about the popular websites which get down in search visibility; we had integrated the table below. In this table you can clearly see that the list of popular victims has 8 porn sites and 4 games websites. The top six websites in this list has 3 names from the online game industry.

Penguin Update Loss Websites

Don’t panic for the poor results because you are not alone. Rather than blaming your luck; try to make the things again on the track. Use proper and adequate SEO practices and try to get strong links. In the upcoming post we will explain the steps to regain your website rank after Google Penguin 2.0 update.

David Meyer

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