Order Online T-shirt Design Software at Just 150 USD

No-RefreshTM is a known name in providing T-shirt designing tools to customize your T-shirt design. It is accompanied with variety of features which let anyone to create one’s own customized product very easily as per choice. The online T-shirt design tool permits to place images, text, or clip arts on the merchandize, calculate the retail price, and make the kit ready to be sent to the printer whenever a purchase is made by the customer side. The online T-shirt designing tool is a user friendly tool which suits at its best as per varying needs of customers.

No-refresh offers top class online T-shirt design tool with the help of which anyone can design ultimate T-shirt design samples in a short period of time. The users are free to select the product or merchandize as well as color from the wide range of products available in the store for sale. The users can customize the design and make it personal by picking color, size and style of their own choice. The users feel freedom to add texts, or clip arts or any logo designs etc and apply various effects like curve, outline, drop shadow or gradient etc, to the T-shirts. The end user customer can select the size, i.e. S, M, L, XL and XXL, and place the order sitting at their home.

No-refresh provides subtle and most sophisticated online design tools accompanied with several features which comprised of various categories such as general, admin, front and designer’s application features. Each feature provides some leverage to the users as well as apparel printers. Its main features are listed below:

General Features

The No-Refresh T-shirt design tool is easy to install and implement. No-Refresh provides integrated shipping solution and unlimited technical support to its customers.

Admin Features

Product Management: Under this section the administrator manage product categories, product sizes, product views etc. The administrators can classify the products in different categories and also add new products of their own choice or delete modify the existing one.

Design Management: This feature allows the administrators to assign design area to the end users where the users may perform the task of designing. From this section the administrator can manage i.e. add a new one or edit, or delete existing design categories and sub categories.

Discount management: This section enables the administrator to offer the end users the services of special discounts on purchases. In this section the administrator can go through the discount coupons and discount details as well as view the list of customers who has availed the discount services. The administrator has authority to add, edit or delete new or existing coupons from this section and can keep track record of the discount offers.

Font and Color Management: This section enables the administrator to manage font text and font color. The administrator can add, edit or delete various myriad colors or font.

User Management: Under this section the administrator can create new users for front-end as well as back-end. He can see all the uploaded users’ images from “customer photos” section and can find the details of the user and can nominate any of them for some special prize or discount offers.

Front Features

Featured products: By the term featured products means that users can view the premade products of various categories and designs and if liked by the user they can directly buy them.  The user can also bring some changes in the premade products before buying them.

Newsletter: Through this option user can subscribe to the Newsletter. Once subscribed to the newsletter the users will receive regular information about new plans, designs, products and many more of the No-Refresh through mails.

Bulk order: In this section the user can place order for T-shirts, merchandises in larger number or bulk quantity. This is mainly meant for large organizations like schools, colleges etc.

Forget password: In this section, the user can retrieve password in case if he misplaces or forgets the password.

Contact Us: In this section the users can directly contact service providers by just filling the contact form. The users can put his queries here and he will be replied back within 24 hours of the submission of the contact form.

Customer’s account: In this section the user can manage his account, can keep a track of his orders, and can change passwords. The user has the privilege to view his account order history or saved design preset.

Designer’s application features

    • This feature facilitates the user with multiple sides designing option, multiple products support, multiple category and sub category support, multi color artwork editing etc.


  • The user can also add special effects such as scaling, rotating, flipping, zooming etc.

No-Refresh provides T-shirt design tool to customize T-shirt designs and make it much better which can leave impressive effect on the customers. No-Refresh put its best efforts to make its customers come out of all worries. No-Refresh assures high quality services at just initial price of worth 150 US Dollar. The whole costing of the tool worth 1500 US Dollar only but anyone can place order at the payment of only 10% of the total costs which price worth 150 US Dollar only.

In addition to these, No-refresh also provides other two options for which clients have to pay additional charges. These are:

Get Customized Look & Feel: If client select this service, No-Refresh will design as well as integrate the customized look and feel of the purchased software

Design Integration: In this one, client will provide design with custom look and feel and No-Refresh will integrate that design to the purchased software.

Besides these No-Refresh will also provide free technical support for three months. No costs will be charged for this.

It is quite obvious that before purchasing any products, every customer thinks a lot from his end and tries to come out from all of the confusions. No-Refresh offers its client the premade and live version of software which they can buy and go live instantly. So, get ready to connect with No-Refresh to get the right direction regarding the live working of T-shirt design software.

Garry Smith

Garry Smith, a tech-savvy developer of No-refresh - T-shirt Design Tool Company, aids the people in comprehending the best products via his intuitively written blogs and articles. He, with his unique approach, has put the best efforts in the development of various product design tools.
Garry Smith