“Not Selected” Removed from Google Webmaster Tools Index Status

On 8th February 2013; Google removed the 'Not index' option from the Google Webmaster Tool Index Status. This update is confirmed by John Mueller on Google+.

Had you recently checked out your Google webmaster account? Something is missing in the Advanced tools? Yes you are right! The ‘Not indexed’ menu in your Webmaster’s Advanced tools is absent but you are not the only one who is missing the things. Last week, on 8th February; Google has globally removed the ‘not selected’ option from the Google Webmaster Tool Index Status.

Clearing the reasons behind the Erase; John Mueller declared on Google+ that

“Yep, this was removed on purpose since it was causing more confusion than actually helping webmasters with their sites.”

A lot of webmasters has criticized the action and has tagged the ‘Not indexed’ option as a useful tool for the website monitoring. Prior to this update; ‘Not indexed’ tool was actually the mean to know the pages and URL’s which are not selected or indexed by Google because:

  • They redirect the user to another page
  • The content of the page is similar to some already indexed URL
  • It incorporates the rel=”canonical”

It would be interesting to see that whether Google offers something easy and more useful tool in replace of this erase or not?

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