Social Media Marketing Myths That Restricts Viral Contents

Viral content is the most important aspect of social media marketing. In this cut throat competitive market; Social media marketing is the most popular weapon among the webmasters and bloggers. There are a lot of myths among the webmasters regarding the topic; so in this post of mine I am going to reveal the truth behind these myths of social media marketing that can restrict your content from going Viral.

Social media marketing‘ simply means attracting the flood of traffic from the social networking websites to your webpage. Social media marketing was just considered as brand promotion at the expanding stage of social networking websites. But as the popularity of these platforms experienced an avalanche; Social media marketing acquired an important role in the field of content marketing.

The term ‘Viral Content‘ is used in the social media marketing to signify the trending popularity of a particular content among millions and billions of viewers. This viral content may include a video, a tweet, an article, blog, picture and almost everything. Webmasters always put sharp eyes on the viral contents as they direct a huge crowd to the website.

If you too are looking to make your steps in the field of social media marketing then viral contents can transform your dreams into reality. There are no hard and fast rules to create a viral content but there are a few myths about social media marketing that can restrict your content from going viral.

It is very important for every webmaster to know the actual truth behind these myths of social media marketing. In this post of mine; I am going to reveal the truth behind the top 5 myths of social media marketing that can restrict your content from going viral.


Slow and Steady Win the Race

If you think that your content will go viral slowly and steadily on the social networking sites; then you are on a WRONG boat. Acceleration is the term which completely suites the social media marketing. If you are posting content then the chances of visibility at the instance are always more. Try to get the maximum likes and share at the time of post only, especially for Facebook. Similar to the Search Engines; Facebook too works on the content momentum platform and ranks those contents in the feeds which are liked and shared by most users.


More the Sharing Buttons, Better It is

This is the one of the biggest Social media marketing myths among thousands of webmasters and bloggers. The Social network sharing buttons with the posts can help to promote the content. But if you too think that most social buttons in this panel can increase the chances of sharing your content then you must make a knot at the fact that just 8% of the viewers share a post on more than one social networking site.

So if you are not from the list of those authors which get 5000+ likes even for the Christmas carol then DON’T include more than 3 social networking options.


Twitting Once Is Enough to Viral A Content

With over 465 million accounts; Twitter is one of the biggest names in the field of Social networking websites. Almost every webmaster shares the contents on Twitter but around 92% of the Webmasters only tweet once. If you too are looking to share your posts on Twitter than do it at least twice to get the maximum viewers. You can even tweet the post thrice or more times but that will drop down the attracted users as the maximum followers would have already seen your post.


Timing of Posting Doesn’t Matter

If you are expecting a huge response after posting your content at the midnight then better slow down your expectations. This is the myth which results in the failure of a lot of excellent content. Posting time of the content tremendously affects the success of your content.

According to the report of recent surveys; 48 % of the Twitter followers are likely to retweet to a post on Wednesday at around 5 PM (Eastern Standard Time). The statistics for Facebook are a way different and can favor you on Saturday at noon (Eastern Standard Time).


Shares and Likes Are the Only Things

It is true that more the shares means more the traffic to your website but it is not at all a hardcore fact. Sharing of a post and bringing the traffic to the website are both a way different things. Most of the webmasters and bloggers from all over the world concentrate on the no. of likes and shares rather than the total no. of visitors on the website from the post. A viral content can help you to magnetize unexpected no. of visitors on your webpage; and you must try for this prime goal only. To get the accurate statistics you can use the click through rate algorithm.

These were the most common myths of social media marketing among the webmasters. I think you would have collected a lot of useful information from this post of mine. Please feel free to raise any query regarding the social media marketing and viral content development.



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