Mobile Website Development and Designing: A Detailed Approach

Internet has become the prime face of connectivity of today’s technologically driven life. As the technology is getting advanced, so are mobile phones and devices. For these reasons only, mobile phones are now being commonly called as by smart phones. Today more and more people are interested in performing their maximum number of tasks various web accessibility mobile devices.

These days every family is adapting new vistas of technology in the form of tablets, iPads, iPhones, and other smart mobile devices. There is a massive increase in the number of people using internet through mobile devices. According to the statistical data of 2011, the number of web users through mobile  was calculated more than 63 million people on United States of America. The stats from all other places were also exhilarating for which reason the year 2011 has named as the mobile web year.

With ever raising counts of people utilizing mobile technologies to access internet, web designers are obligatory to enhance the mobile website technologies through developing various mobile device friendly websites. Due to various imperative reasons to enhance the web technology on mobile devices, developers, and designers are learning various optimal ways to practice in the field of development and designing through mobile devices. In that sense, developing site friendly to the mobile devices is a process to stress.

It is not at all necessary to design a mobile website design through new technological ways, though it is necessary to take a glance over them in a new different way. The designs of mobile friendly sites are needed Mobile Website ign according to web standards of all browsers. In fact, the basic aim should be creating a user friendly and useful site that find its compatibility with the leading browsers. In this post we are our focus is to highlight the approach of designers and developers to create user-centric mobile website designs that have become largely popular in the last few years. Here our motive is to provide a complete outstanding experience to the user while accessing web through mobile devices.
Let’s follow the gradual approach for creating websites friendly to the mobile devices:

Scrutinize over the requirement:

Think as many as times as you can for the requirement of a mobile website for your product and services. There are various big companies like Mercedes not having a mobile website, as they do not find any requirement for that. Therefore, it is very important to know exactly about the requirement of the kind website for mobile device. One is obligatory to chunk over a large sum of money so it is essential to follow a research for the ongoing projects. You can check the accessibility of your website through various mobile platforms. To beat the competition one is required to follow a proper analysis of the website’s performance on mobile devices. One should craft a website by optimizing the accessibility and requirement to promote your project through mobile devices. The aim of creating a Mobile device friendly website is reach the masses to promote and connect with your product and services.

Identify the Users and User’s Requirement

The whole procedure of designing and development is user centric because the basic reason for creating a website is to provide a good experience to the user for accessing various platforms. Same notion is applied to the mobile website development and designing where user’s experience is the prime most concern. To source out the best website it is essential to follow a way concluded through observations, research, and quiz surveys to analyze the preferences and requisites of the people. While sourcing the various questions one should check over the reasons to support your website’s usability, attractive features of the website, favorable list of features, and most liked browsing materials. It is also important to notice what are the main things people dislike the most while browsing through mobile devices. After summarizing the answers over all these issues one needs to research about the other preferences of the users. One can successfully design according to the prevailing trends of the website development and designing.

Consider the Priority of Features

After concluding the research for the prevailing trends of the web development, it is important to consider the features that primary users want to access the most. Here you need to know about the various websites and platforms over which users prefer to spend their most of the time according to preference and utility. Source out the features and qualities of the websites liked by people and create the websites for mobile while prioritizing the various features. Insert and apply the most important ones for first time and rest can be applied with the gradual approval of the masses.

Website Designing

There are some basic rules to follow to design the website for mobile devices. Designing websites for mobile devices is concerned to provide the outmost comfort and friendly to the customer for using the website. The user may be anywhere while using a mobile phone like on a train, bus, lunch break and other places too. Important thing is to provide great experience to the user with the narrow screen of the mobile phone and device.

Designing a website for small screen devices is not an easy thing to do but this is the challenge before mobile website designers. The best solution found for availing great resolution of web pages on mobile devices is through using flexible layouts that can work accordingly along with small and big screens. One should provide the size of the wrapper in percentage and not in pixels.

Uncomplicated Navigation

Mobile phones are not equipped with a mouse so the developer should keep his prime focus on navigation. These days we usually provided with touch panel, scroll keys, track balls, and keypads on phones that help to navigate better. Mobile devices do have a more vertical space than wide space so the number of categories in navigation should keep it in their thought process. Create buttons and taps on the screen by analyzing the screen of the phone in your mind. Always offer the full-sized page on web so that the user can visit the main website as well.

Convey the Information

Prioritizing the information of the site is rather more important than any other thing. Due to the less amount of space one is required to concise the information on the website. Always connect to master webpage so that user can find out the correct information whenever he wants to. It is not at all required to fill up the space with useless words, just keep the information straightforward. It is important to minimize the number of entries required to register a person for e.g. you can straightly ask for the Pin code instead of state and country. Make use of smart features instead of many detailed features.

Lower the usage

It is important to keep the lowest usage of the websites. It is important to avoid inserting to many images, cut down the length of the images, cut down the codes, comments and other optional tags too.

Testing and Improvements

For every web product, it is important to test it thoroughly for better and improved performance. One needs to check the development coding with W3C’s standards. Test the website’s performance on your smart phone and observe closely for any loophole if any. If you come through any issue, then revise the whole process and systemize the problems.

Improvements are needed to be done every time to ensure best output so always keep a space for improving the website. You may need to update your mobile website, add a whole new feature to maximize the accessibility, and redesign from the scratch. For making healthy improvements on your website, it is essential to know the views of the users about strong and weak points of the website.

Lastly, We wish to mention that there are endless things to talk about this topic but we are keeping those discussions for the next edition of mobile device website. We hope the steps provided above to follow are sufficiently helpful to design and develop a website based on mobile devices. Below we are providing you a showcase of few user-friendly website for mobile device for your inspiration.
Mobile Website Development and Designing: Few Examples

Yellow Pages



Game Spot






Trip Advisor






Weather Underground






 The Onion



Geek Squad






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