Free Website Builder: uCoz the Best Free Website Builder Website

Traditionally, building a website was a humongous task that demanded proficiency in basic scripts like HTML to much more complex set of programming languages like AJAX. With the advent of Web 2.0, may more advanced programs that build a website have come into existence. Hence, making a website was a big deal. Fortunately, it is no more that big a deal.

The technology has grown to an extent that, now, one can build a website without knowing any of those intimidating programs. All you need to know is getting your hands rolling on an intuitive system that lets you build websites instantly. This magical savior is called – a website builder.

One such notable free website maker is Ucoz helps you create a fully functional website within minutes without knowing even a dash of web development.  You may be a novice or a pro web-development; Ucoz is a solution for your web development needs. Ucoz has profound experience in this line and has by far been the creator of over a million websites. You can accomplish making any form of website like an online store, personal blog, community websites or a governmental/educational website.

Here are some of the facets that come to Ucoz website builder that make me vouch for Ucoz:

Heaps of Templates

Ucoz takes off the pain of manually designing or buying a theme for your website. There are hundreds of free website templates that can be used. If that is not enough for you, Ucoz website builder allows you to make a unique website template with simple tweaking the existing free themes.

Intuitive Control Panel

Using the control panel of Ucoz website builder is a piece of cake even for a newbie. The control panel lets you manage everything big and small regarding your site; right from designing the theme to moderating the comments and managing advertisements.


In this hacking generation, you need to pay a keen attention on the safety aspects of your website. Ucoz takes care of this as well. It provides separate password protected access for user accounts and control panel. It also allows you to set access permissions to various front end and back end users. The data pertaining to your website is protected and restored through a reliable backup procedure, in case of a server crash. Finally the comments are protected against anti-spam features like Captcha thus ensuring comprehensive security of your site.

Supportive Community

The support made available by Ucoz is the best in its class.  Ucoz website builder provides support through multiple channels. It has a Twitter presence through which Ucoz announces updates and news. It has a dedicated YouTube channel with over a 100 videos that can help you with simple to complex issues. Ucoz’s friendly support forum has many regular users and admins who proactively discuss on various topics and are there for you anytime.

Final Words

These great features are, I believe, all that a web-developer could ask for. So don’t just read, sign up to make your own website for free and get your hands on it to get an actual comprehension of the highly talked about Ucoz website builder.



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