Magento Mobile Is The Perfect Choice For Your Business

The advancement in the mobile technology has literally revolutionized not only businesses but also the lifestyles of most of us. And, with the advent of app stores, we can do almost everything from our mobiles. This has certainly led to the rapidly changing user behavior.

The number of mobile users is increasing exponentially and according to the stats and analytics reports, the Internet access via mobiles has exceeded that by desktop. This is why it has become more than imperative for businesses to embrace an impressive mobile presence.

If you are already running an online shopping store or wants open the one, Magento makes a much sought after choice. The scalability, security and flexibility are a few of its ultimate attributes for which it is lauded across the globe. While the online retailers can reap the benefits of its competent features, this eCommerce platform also allows one to efficiently target their potential mobile audiences.

For the folks who want to take their business a notch higher and generate greater conversions, the Magento Enterprise Edition facilitates one to embrace an intuitive and effective mobile presence. The superior features and flexibility of the platform can ensure a sustainable business success by optimizing your online store for mobile devices.

There are several compelling reasons to choose Magento mobile, and in this article I have shortlisted a few of them. Let’s distill them.

1. Prolific mobile reach: Safe, secure and easy are the three key points that can augment an eCommerce store. If your potential consumers can search requisites and shop conveniently via their mobile devices, it can definitely leverage your business. With Magento mobile, you can easily ensure a mobile-optimized online shopping cart. Moreover, by optimally designing apps that can offer a seamless integration with e-stores, you can further improve the mobile shopping experience and boost your customer base.

2. Proficiently target multiple devices: With the proliferation of devices, it became quite hard for designers to efficiently reach a variety of devices. But, fortunately, it is no more difficult after the inception of responsive design. Magento offers invaluable responsive design solutions, so that your online store can be accessed through any device without leaving the quality behind.

3. Powerful mobile commerce channel integration: Magento offers one to seamlessly integrate his mobile commerce channel with the catalog of his online store. Whether you want to integrate your store’s inventory, checkout or any other function, it can be smoothly accomplished via the Magento shopping cart software. It, thus, helps generate a branded mobile storefront.

4. Customization at its best: Creating a mobile application to support your Magento store can help customers to efficiently access your store at their convenience. Since, Magento offers easy app customization, owners can easily create a suitable visual appeal and rapidly deploy device-specific features to ensure a ravishing mobile UX.

5. All the complexities are efficiently handled: Magento can ensure you a surefire mobile performance, including the coordination with app stores, optimal loading time and more. Therefore, you can better concentrate on the other essential aspects of your store like driving conversions, and customer satisfaction, to name a few.

Whether you want to create a remarkable application or create a mobile version to augment your online store, you can get all these benefits by investing in Magento Enterprise Edition. Moreover, there are several resourceful tools that can help you enhance your mobile UX and benefit your business. Let’s ponder into a few of them.

Shopgate: Shopgate is the advanced toolkit that delivers incredible solutions to heighten mobile eCommerce. Its useful tools can help you create a valuable native app and a mobile optimized Magento store website. It is quite popular among online retailers and is used by several big brands.

CouchCommerce: This is a wonderful extension that can flawlessly transform your desktop website into a mobile-friendly website. As and when this extension is installed, a corresponding web inventory will be developed. Moreover, with this extension, you won’t need to make additional efforts for SEO, as both the mobile and the desktop versions will have same URL structures. The complete process works smoothly; however, it may consume a little time in the beginning.

Tenfoot: This is yet another amazing service that facilitates one to develop a responsive Magento store. It allows one to personalize his e-store legible fonts, intuitive navigation, interactive gestures, and a lot more. The service is available in different price ranges, you can choose a suitable one that caters the best according to your business needs.

In the mobile age, it can be anticipated that the mobile will hold the reins in the future. Therefore, to endeavor a sustainable business success, it is essential to seek a platform that can improve your online store performance while let you create an interesting and captivating brand value on mobiles.

There is no doubt that Magento is an absolute eCommerce platform. Furthermore, you can also create a stunning mobile presence by implementing an appropriate tool.

Author Signature: Addison Cohen is an application developer for Appsted Ltd, an iOS app development services provider which delivers most comprehensive mobile application solutions for different industry verticals. He loves sharing latest information on mobile technologies like iOS, Android development processes.


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