Magento Extension: Free Premium Extension of Magento

Magento incorporates various impressive and useful Magento Extension, however it has been emerged as a robust open source web-application towards setting-up an e-commerce website. It seems to be very confounded for web-developers when they attempt to build a Magento e-commerce site. The Web-developers put their best efforts and strives hard to accomplish an effective, attractive and engaging e-commerce website as well as full of features.

Moreover, Magento is based on Zend Framework and flexible architecture as well as concord as very scalable and object oriented application in context of setting-up an Magento e-commerce website. Hence, in consequences it beats the competition and stands far ahead among its competitors and build an unique image in crowd. A huge community of Magento users put this on priority as well as the accompanied Magento Extensions compel them to employ towards setting-up an e-commerce website.

Verily, the extension of Magento plays an earnest role in setting-up an e-commerce website as well as render them more captivating, alluring and engaging. It also reduce the efforts made by developers who strives hard and invest ton of time towards this direction. Magento Extension would not only lessen your burden and save valuable time but enrich the website with all features and transform them to one stop solution and smooth navigation where visitors can congregate every thing about a product they desire and be your prospective customer.

Therefore, in order to help and eradicate your hindrances towards this endeavor I have amass some useful and quite worthy Magento Extension in coming section of this post Magento Extension: Free Premium Extension of Magento just for you. So, check them out and download free as well as implement accordingly which suits your need and requisite.

Exploded Menu

This Magento Extension introduces a multi-column drop down menu system by replacing the standard Magento menu. It is the Supermenu Extension for the community version as well as showcase the product categories in upgraded manner.

Magento jqZoom

Magento jqZoom, an elegant extension of Magento is quite useful to render your site’s image gallery in more interesting and attractive, as it used to compensate the Magento’s regular image gallery with jquery Zoom widget. It enables your visitors to hover over images of the products and they can view in zoom in without any efforts and control.

IDEALIAGroup Light Box for Magento

This extension of Magento is very worthy as it doesn’t displace your any system file and can be enabled or disables in account of a single click. It comprises various impressive features like:

– Full Magento Backend Integration
– Configurable effect duration
– It is supported by base images and thumbnails.
– You can easily configure assets colors, borders and fonts.



Undoubtedly, a blog can be an excellent method to connect with customers for your online store. However, it is very easy, simple and affable for this Magento extension to incorporate a blog in your online shopping site.

BouncingOrange TinyMCE (WYSIWYG)


TinyMCE is a completely configurable and without making any alteration to code file in the administration configuration (System > Configuration > Admin > WYSIWYG Editor (TinyMCE))

Now, you can implement TinyMCE in the below listed text area:

CMS Page Content
– Product Short Description
– Product Description
– Category Description
– Static Block Content
– Newsletter Template

Canonical URL’s for Magento


This Magento Extension include new canonical Url links to the head of your Magento Pages.

Magento EasyLightbox


This is a very intuitive Magento Extension that literally improve the functionality as well as appearance of your Magento e-commerce site.

Magento EasyTabs


This excellent extension of Magento is very useful to include informational tabs in product page of your site. However, it is very easy and affable to install and configure as it takes approx 5 minutes only as well as don’t displace any file and no necessity of coding experience.

Events Calendar


This Events Calendar Magento Extension is very useful to incorporate events calendar on your website, where the events will be stored in database. Also, you can add a block in your template to call upcoming list of events in real time.
Before assigning any events first you are required to go System > Configuration > General > Events Calendar and set your timezone.

Get the calendar through this code:

You can achieve the events list by


Magento Live Chat


This is a free and very worthy Magento extension which provide LiveChat support in your Magento e-commerce site with following features:

– It’s not depend on any third party platform
– No hassle to fill-up form prior to start conversation
– Automatically recognize registered users.
– Provide information regarding current page of the customer.
– Deliver valuable information about transformation rate.

Fooman Google Analytics Plus


This is a beta release with following enhanced features:

– It is capable to track each and every individual page accompanied with sections retrieved thrugh AJAX in the midst of one-page-checkout.
– It tracks the actual typed keyword by users.
– Provide solution to install Magento SEO friendlier through robots.txt.

Fontis WYSIWYG Editor


This Magento extension allows you to enable JavaScript WYSIWYG editor to particular admin pages. TinyMCE and FCKeditor are two editors which are currently available.

Fooman Invoice=Order Number


It’s a free Magento Extension which is useful to track all numbers concerning an order. It employ one relevant order number instead of buoy up distinct invoice, creditmemo numbers, shipment and etc.

IW PayPal Standard Currencies


This Magento Extension is very useful to employ which allows you to opt among any PayPal supported currency as well as any base currency for your online shopping portal.

J2T Points & Rewards


With this Magento Extension the customer can congregate points on purchasing of specific products from your online shopping site and can be redeemed for discount on other purchasing. While installing this module you are required to create a shopping card promotion named ‘points’ as well as an attribute as ‘reward_points’.

Now, you are supposed to assign the number of points. Also, you can configure and update the value by System > Configuration > Reward Points.

Google Maps Store Locator


This Magento Extension is very significant to etch the map in your CMS page. For this, you will have to put a little bit of efforts to employ this snipped:

{{block type=“core/template” template=“unirgy/storelocator/map.phtml”}}

Copy to your theme and design the below listed interface files:


When you are fetching the location directly to your database, visit this URL to retrieve the coordinates:

Most Viewed Module


This is one amongst most significant and worthy Magento Extension that automatically create a list of products most viewed by visitors for your online store and make it to appear on homepage. The efforts you are required to put towards this direction – Add “mostviewed/list” block in your home page. You can accomplish this task at the CMS > Manage Pages page sits in admin area and write this code there.

Checkout Newsletter


Hopefully, you might be acquainted with Newsletter subscription. This is the same thing. This Checkout Newsletter Magento Extension is literally a great way to enable your customers for regular updates through newsletter subscription. They will click on ‘Sign Up for Newsletter’ into one page and can get regularly newsletter about latest sales, special offer, newest products etc.

Remerce CMS Meta Robots


You can implement this towards setting the Robots Meta Tags in CMS pages. Simply Go to CMS => Manage Pages. Then you are required to select a page and designate “Meta Data” tab under Robots. Now you have done it, set the Robots Meta Tag



This extension of Magento incorporates very nice and captivating features that is potential to compel you towards download and implementing this. Some features include Sliding direction, Image gallery etc.

However, as I opined this post regarding Magento Extension Free Premium Extension of Magento will be highly worthy and significant towards embellishing your online shopping store as well as enrich it with several innovative and captivating Magento Extnesion and make your visitors(prospective customer) to hold for a long time span. Moreover, it also reduce the efforts put by web-developers and saves their valuable time towards rendering an e-commerce website more attractive and engaging.

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