Magento Devbox Beta: All You Need to Know About the Update

The most famous and common e-commerce platform that has taken a flight speed in the lives of online merchants is the Magento open-source platform. It has many advantages to offer to its users with the ease of use, customized features and developing a website without having any coding knowledge. Building a Magento E-commerce website can help you reach out to your customers better because of their dedicated developers.

Talking about update in Magento, it has amazed the market by introducing new versions like Magento open source, Magento commerce and Magento commerce (on premises). Each version has some or the other added features that make us curious about them.

Magento Devbox is one kind of version created to as a tester software to analyse how the new upgrade helps and affects the users before actually launching it in the market. With the word being spread that it has the most basic and easy features compared to all other versions people are longing for the software launch.

The significant announcement has raised expectations among various developers as they are eager to know how this new addition to Magento Community can make the development of projects better.

What is Magento Devbox?

It is a software which enables the Magento 2 users to create an environment dedicated to developing the e-commerce websites, without being interrupted by the unwanted activities happening beyond your requirements. It has been built with Docker which automates the deployment of applications in the software programme.

Docker is a lightweight container which can be treated as an alternative to virtual machines. Each container is an isolated server having its own file systems, libraries and applications. They are very fast to start and consume less host machine resources, this makes it a perfect option to create a replicable, shareable and isolated environment.

Magento Devbox Beta supports a range of Magento 2 versions like CE, EE, ECE) with the feature to load sample data that makes it a useful component for testing. This makes the installation of Magento 2 much easier with the use of a single command that would include all the necessary components required for the environment.

How can you benefit from Devbox Beta?

Magento Devbox Beta container is supported on both Mac and Windows and also works perfectly fine with the upcoming and existing latest Magento Community Edition. The release of Beta version enables the users to have on-hand experience of the software while the changes continue to take place in the background.

It eases your work by driving you away from the hassle of downloading various plugins, operating system, PHP, web server and other components. Magento Devbox becomes your one-stop solution by saving your precious time and all the hard work.

Being built upon docker, the system allows creating multiple environments for different projects. You could be wondering, that this might consume a lot of space in your system. But, there is a solution to everything and over here you can start or end the process as and when required to reduce memory usage.

Some Highlighting Features of Magento Devbox Beta

It creates a whole different environment for the developer which he can use to work on his specified projects. With this major advantage, the developer’s local environment is not affected.

With a configured and efficient working environment being created for each project, it becomes easy to communicate and share the site progress with various developers working on the same project.

The usual complaint of not being supported in other laptops and PCs will no longer be a problem.

The container includes all the necessary installation including Magento itself along with Redis, Varnish, Elastic search, RabbitMQ and anything that the particular project would require. This enables the developers to choose a version that supports their requirements efficiently.

It keeps the source files of the project out of the local file system along with all the necessary components installed.

The configuration is handled through the web interface and thus developers are allowed to choose a mix of settings which in turn will create a zipped file used to launch Magento environment.

It is very useful for the first timers and the developers building a site or project from the scratch or know very little about creating a different environment for each project.

How does it work?

The project source file created in Magento with Devbox integration can be stored in their native host file system i.e Mac or windows, which can later be accessed with IDEs directly. This makes sure that any environment can be re-created or destroyed without fearing the loss of code.

Creating a new Magento Devbox is very easy with an online form. This form will ask certain questions about the required tools after which it will finally create a zip file. The zip file can further be downloaded and extracted in your local system.

With Magento growing complex day by day and addition of new features, it becomes difficult for the developers of any Magento Development Company to manage and create new environments without being interrupted. The best part about Devbox is that is has been built by people who know Magento in-depth which will enable regular update in Devbox as and when Magento development happens.

This system allows the developer to know what difficulties are faced by their customers while setting-up and using Devbox so that changes can still be made before officially launching it. And, while the version is still Beta there might be issues but any developer who is looking to easing his work can use this container which will keep correcting the mistakes and making changes as the users demand them.

To sum up, Devbox is for anyone who is unfamiliar with the working of Magento 2. It acts as a guide for the new developers or rather serves with a ready-made and fully integrated software.
The main aim to create a Beta version is to first collect reviews on this new development so that the official version can come without any error in the Beta version.

Lastly, it may not have a direct and foreseeable advantage for the users but with the community consistency, it will surely be helpful in the long run.

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