Lead-Generating EBooks Can Be a Useful Marketing Tool

Marketing and connecting with your clients and customers can be a complicated process. On one hand you have an enormous amount of information you want to share with them, but on the other hand you don’t want to sound so promotional they’re turned off and take their money to the competition.

On top of all that, there’s the very real possibility the sheer volume of information you want to pass along will be more than your website can handle. In this case, a lead-generating eBook might be the perfect solution. Many websites have been impressed with the results they’ve gotten from eBook writing.

What is a Lead Generating Ebook

This eBook isn’t all that different from any other eBook that’s on the market. The only real difference between it and a text book will be that you don’t intend to make money from it, at least not directly. You write the book with the intent that it will be used for marketing purposes. Instead of distributing it through sources like Amazon and Sourcebooks, distribution will be handled by your website.

The purpose of the book will be to help you establish a stronger connection with your target market. Through it, you’ll be able to provide them with all kinds of information, information subtly designed to encourage them to do official business with your website, that won’t be available on your website. Many companies use the eBook to take a in depth look at a concept mentioned on their website. For example, a health food store might mention that dried Burdock root has holistic purposes, and than use the book to describe how the root should be prepared and the exact healing powers. Hopefully one of your regular clients will read the book and be so impressed the pass it on to one of their friends, who checks out your company and the herbal supplements you sell.

The length of the lead generating eBook can range from 2 pages to 1000. Before making it available for download, get a Content Writing Company to proofread it. They will identify grammatical and structural errors you might have missed.

How to Distribute the Lead Generating Ebook

Since you’ve written the book with the specific intention of using it for lead generation, you need to think of free ways to distribute it. Some simply post a link on their website and urge all their visitors to download the manuscript. Others have offered the book in exchange for things like following them on social media sites or joining a mailing list.

How Long Before You See Results

It would be nice if there was a specific amount of time you have to weight before you will be able to determine whether or not the book generated any leads, but that’s not possible. It’s usually a gradual process. What you can gauge will be the number of times the book gets downloaded.

Instead of waiting around with bated breath for the book to get downloaded and your sales to increase, you need to focus on other aspects of marketing your company. This should include, improving your website, article marketing, and submitting guest posts to niche blogs.

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Shortly after starting working for a leading Content Writing Company, Mark Long was able to prove his talent for writing eBook and he is actively helping his company’s eBook writing services Team. Several different businesses have used eBooks, he’s written them as part of their marketing program and his clients have been very happy with the results. His quality work is smooth, enjoyable and affordable to all type of business.


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