Latest Updates for Web Designers: Something New and Innovative

Similar to other profession, trends of web designing keep on changing at a fast pace with the change of time. With the passes of time, designer kick off the old trends and adopt the new one as the customers or clients always desire somewhat latest in their project. The scenario is that the web professionals seek for the innovative and something new tools and applications in a hope to perform a bit different from others. It is the fresh set of tools, techniques and applications which brings novelty in the web designing concept.

Everybody has entered in the world of lucrative internet world wide. Although there are lots of web design tools available on internet, but it becomes difficult to judge which one is best and which should implemented into the project. We have come here to assist you, making you out from confusion and also making you aware of the latest one which has been recently seen in the web designing world.

We have collected latest updates in the web designing stream which has came into existence recently and want to make these available for you. Here we have presented an innovative and inspiring list of 15, which you can find best and very helpful for yourself. Just take a look at them and share your thoughts with us through comments. We salute your comments. Also, if we’ve missed something which you think should have been included, please let us know through your comments. We will include it in the next updates which we will present for you.

CSS Lint

CSS Lint is a remarkable application which will indicate potential problems occurred in your CSS code. It applies a set of basic rules to your CSS code in order to look for inefficiencies and problematic patterns, and not only that it also checks the basic syntax of your CSS code whether you are right or wrong.



It is a creative gallery consisting of unique collection of web banners. It is freely available to anyone. Especially designers, developers, creators, and banner fans feel them benefitted as they get mind-blowing collection of web banners at one place.



Vectorian offers web designers or developers to decorate their website in a Victorian style. This monumental collection includes hundreds of ornaments, scrolls, rule lines, frames borders, etc designed in Victorian style. It is available in two packs: Free pack with 85 vector ornaments and 30 border brushes, or a Full pack that includes 930 vector ornaments and 230 border brushes at the cost for $57.



Automatoon is a web-based free animation tool that uses HTML5, and is built using a new technology called “CBT” or “Composition by Tool”.


  • Automatoon is the easiest animation tool ever created.
  • It has many advanced animation tools built in, including skeletal animation, inverse kinematics, automatic tweening, morphing, and fades.
  • It is built using a new technology called CBT or “Composition by Tool” which has made it completely intuitive.


Miro 4

Miro 4 is the newest version open source music and video player which synchronizes with Android devices, lets you to download and play almost any video or music format.


  • You can convert almost any video with Miro into mp4/h264, with presets for almost any device you can think of (including iPhones, iPods, iPads, Android phones, and more).
  • Miro is simply the best music and video player for Android phones and tablets.
  • Miro plays almost any video or music format and downloads from YouTube, podcasts, Amazon, and bit torrent.



With the help of this you may create super awesome sites quickly, with super awesome images. It provides an easy way for you to fill your prototypes with relevant content and allows you to place relevant images from Flickr into your prototypes. FlickrBomb is easy to use and implement.


Dummy HTML Snippets

BlindTextGenerator offers a set of Dummy HTML Snippets which serves as templates and which can be quickly and easily used in website prototypes. It contains a variety of commonly used elements including H1, h1, short and long paragraphs, forms, lists, and more.


UX Stickynotes

UX Stickynotes offers several templates for various browser styles and for the iPhone. It is available in two different kinds of wire framing templates: pre-printed sticky notes, and downloadable templates.


Site Trail

Site Trail offers a website analysis tool that acknowledges you regarding the traffic and potential revenue of competing websites. It is well facilitated with several features such as Social Media Analysis, SEO Analysis, Visitor Analysis, content analysis and much more.



Mosaiqy is a jQuery plug-in for viewing and zooming photo working on Opera 9+, Firefox 3.6+, Safari 3.2+, Chrome and IE7+. It creates a mosaic-style photo gallery which you can configure as per your choice such as how many columns and rows you want.



ScatterBrain is a free note-taking application for iOS that offers several organizational tools like color coding and labeling, and reminders, among other features.



Mac App Store is the simplest way to find and download apps for your Mac.
Reeder is a new Google Reader application for Mac OS X and is the simplest way to find and download apps for your Mac. It includes support for gestures and customizable shortcuts and make your feeds easier to read.



Mangosteen is a retro decorative font with understated serifs and rectangular letters and is well-suited to antique-style designs. It looks fantastic especially in posters or product packaging in its 3D form.


Sucker Font

Sucker Font is a decorative font with a vintage, rock-and-roll feeling which when applied to any poster designs gives an ultimate look and feel.



Qwiki is a new, free Wikipedia application which contains around 3,000,000 topics that are formatted specifically for the iPad.


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