Latest Google Image Search Ranking Update News – November 2012

In this post we are providing you the news and information about the latest Google image search indexing results. Around November 15th and November 16th 2012 an appreciable change in the Google image search results was experienced by the webmaster all around the globe. This alteration in the image search indexing results was declared as the latest Google update.

After the official recent updates of Google PR Update and Google 21 Panda update this month; a latest news is coming from the webmaster monks about the Google image search result update. As always, Google has not declared any definite statement about this update but the avalanche changes in the image search results effectively sounds the proof.

Around November 15th and November 16th 2012; thousand of SEO monks experienced a serious alteration in the Google image search indexing results. An array of webmasters claimed this change as an issue because they were loosing their ranking for their popular keywords while the others declared this as an update by the Google to provide better image search results.

So if you too are experiencing something salty or sweet in the image results for your designated keywords then this could be the effect of this latest Google image search ranking update.

After a lot of studies about the image search ranking algorithm on Google; I listed down the major factors that affects the results. This may not be the 100% relevant assured list but it still counts a lot of importance.

Factor 1: Picture ALT tag text is the prime factor that decides the image ranking.

Factor 2: Picture Title tags are too very important in Google crawling.

Factor 3: The Page Rank of the page that contains the picture is too very important factor in Google image search results.

Factor 4: The Filename of the picture used on a webpage too effects the results considerably.

Factor 5: When you are using the pictures in a blog (HTML page) then the closeness of the search text after the picture sharply affects the Google image result for that picture.

I hope that this post will help you to have better image search results in Google. Feel free to ask any query or discuss anything about the topic with us.


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