Last Day to Use Google Analytics through Old Lens

Now, just say good bye to old version of Google Analytics and congregate insight reports regarding your website through new version of Google Analytics which incorporate various impressive feature and advantages like Real time reporting, mobile reports, social reports and miscellaneous.

Now, it’s the great time to welcome and give a hug to new version of Google Analytics as well as say good bye to old version. As, Google proclaimed that the old version of Google Analytics is retiring officially. By considering the Google, it has been found that from over a year they provide site owners in context of making transition. Therefore, you should opt to move ahead with newer version of Analytics that will be far better from earlier version.

The newer version of Analytics flaunts on Real-Time reporting in account of which you can view your website performance and activity that happens in the mean time and include – page views per second, current active visitors, sources and etc.

Also, it says that this link at bottom of your screen which enables you to see Analytics in old version will not sit there any more.

Through a blog post, the team of Google Analytics teams explains the advantages and why to employ the new version.

The social reports assist you in analyzing the influence of your social marketing initiatives as well as calculate the impact over social media on the metrics which is valuable for your business.

This incorporates a Multi-Channel funnels which is useful for insight that can be grabbed through full path of conversion for a period of 30 days. Various marketing channels attempt to designate your site, but can’t be supposed for last click, so you can have best decision for your marketing investment plan.

The content experiments offer distinct versions of a specific page to distinct visitors, later by employing a novice enhanced statistical engine measure it determine the most effective version of the page.

It also provide a Mobile Reports which show the engagement of visitors between Adwords mobile campaigns and mobile devices from your site. It provide an overview on the no. of pages they visit, amount of time they spend as well as ecommerce and conversion insights to help you out for optimizing mobile strategies.

Steven Bowen

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