Know Google +1 & Its Contribution for Search Engine Ranking

Google Plus, the latest trending social media introduced as a project by Google a few years ago. Though it was started for an experiment, Google Plus has achieved great networking and marketing as well.

The Google +1 has the similar feature but with added button that has very close resemblance to Facebook ‘like’. Hence, it also governs your search engine ranking too. Google +1 has not really been identified as a correlation to the search engine results, but it definitely has an impact on the search engine results.

Search Results You Obtain

The web pages of your search results have always appeared with the Google +1 button, when you are signed in to your Google account. By clicking the Google +1 button, you automatically give that particular page a greater preference.

How Google Plus 1 Contributes For Search Engine?

Gaining a considerable number of Google Pluses means a greater achievement as it literally proves that your website has been approved by a wide range of audience, not by computerized system. This allows your website to have a greater boost in the ranking in Google, along with the consideration of your keywords in the website content. Just because you have a large number of Pluses alone does not give you a greater ranking, but the normal search engine strategies are also considered for the ranking.

Having a good number of Pluses can definitely increase a certain percentage of the traffic for your website, as your website has a few Pluses it will be suggested to another person to check and view your website. Moreover, the personal shares between any individual’s profile with your website being tagged also increases the traffic.

Adding Plus 1 Feature

Adding the Plus 1 feature to your website can help you to produce more results. Google +1 can also be added to your website inner pages as well, so that appears on all your posts and pages as well. This will help you to gain more Pluses, so it automatically gains more preference.

Once a visitor comes to a website, which has the Plus one option only on the home page and not in the inner pages, the visitor will not like to give their +1 to your website unless they are satisfied with the content, but once they browse the inner pages for the content and they are satisfied with it, but do not find a Plus 1 option, they will not bother to go back to the home page to give your website a +1. Moreover, if the visitor is redirected to a particular page in your website via an embedded/shared link, it is important for the page to contain a Plus 1 to obtain the visitors’ approval.

Adding the Google +1 button to your website is simple and easy, as generally WordPress offers you with many plug-ins for this purpose. With a simple process, you can also gain the Pluses from the audience.

About Author:

Ghulam e Mustafa is a well experienced SEO specialist and has good marketing skills. He shares his knowledge about the Google Plus social media’s contribution for the ranking.


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