Is Slider Hurting My Website Design?

Whenever you visit a website and see a slider, what are your exact feelings? I know you feel confused about the motives of the website with those sliders. Multiple offers and information just flooded your mind and made you confused.

Is it always the case? Or is it because it wasn’t planned good enough to be effective for a website. I can assure you that at the end of this post, all your doubts about the homepage slider will be clear. You will have a vision of solution if you also have a slider in your mind to add in your website.

Is Slider Hurting My Website Design Or Not

Now, here’s the deal

“I will give you top 5 reasons about how a slider is hurting your website design. And believe me, if you don’t remove it, it will increase your damage. Apart from these reasons, I will also provide you a perfect replacement for a slider. Slider in my view is just a filler and I happen to have a perfect replacement for that filler.”

5 Reasons Why Slider Is Hurting Your Website Design.

Why Slider Is Hurting Your Website Design

Yes, you heard that right

A slider is killing your conversion and you have no idea that is happening right below your nose. Remember the movie, “The Dark Knight”? Imagine, you see a logo flashing on the clouds with a logo of the Batman, you will think, oh thank the god, Batman is here for our salvation, and then suddenly the logo slides. Wait, looks like Superman logo, is he coming to our help!

Isn’t that annoying? It is right. Below are the five reasons why your website design does not need any slider.

A Slider Slows Down Your Website

Do you know that a website slider is a heavy piece of code!!! Unlike the text box on the website, a slider is a set of images which is prone to change with a transition effect. These transitions take some time to load.

It gets worse

The sliders consist of heavy images which increase the load time dramatically. Generally, a slider has multiple images in it which can increase your page load time to an alarming range. This ultimately results in the slowing of your entire website which is never to be considered as a good user experience.

Your First Page Load Looks Bad

Many of the web designers actually give this thing a thought,

“Let the first time page load be slow, then the browser will cache the images and all will go well afterward.” Isn’t that crazy? I mean why a person will bookmark your slow and annoying slider website in the first place!!!

Never ever think this way, a slider is sinister for a web designer. This is one of the many reasons for that. A poor first-page load will decrease your conversion and even traffic to your website. The only thing it will increase in your website is the bounce rate. You don’t want that, do you?

Sliders Are Vulnerable To Hackers

This might sound absurd to you but it is the matter of fact that it is highly prone to hacker’s attack. Why is that? Remember those chunks of articles declaring the revolution of slider plugins for WordPress? You certainly do. Despite the fact that they are not good, still, businesses are using them voraciously.

The security of these sliders is not a very tidy one. Hacker continuously tends to try to breach from these unhealthy and hefty pack of codes and create a backdoor to your website. Once they are in your database, the damage will be beyond repair.

A Slider Tends To Split The User’s Attention

There is one rule concerning landing pages of a website which states keep your visitors focused on one and only one action. You don’t want them to distract from the header or the footer of the page. When it concerns paid campaigns, you certainly don’t wish to distract a user.

This same principle applies to a homepage. You must not distract your viewer at any cost if you really want to get his full attention. If you give too many options to your viewer, the possibility increases that he/she might not select any of them.

What’s the point of options then?

So, ignore the homepage slider and stop confusing your viewers. You don’t want to create an environment of confusion right in front of your homepage.

Lazy Loads Never Works Properly With A Slider

You must have seen those beautiful transition effects which come when you scroll a website. That is the lazy load effect. Here I am not talking about lazy loading but I am talking about sliders with lazy loading. You know what…….A very bad idea.

The concept of lazy loading is to make visitor scroll every information present on the homepage of the website. When you mix it with a slider, things will not end up well for you and your website. So, you need to make sure that you don’t use a slider or else, your bounce rate will be off the charts.

What Is The Ultimate Solution?

As promised I told you I will give you a solution that will help your website grow the quality of user experience and increase the conversion rate as well.

What that might be???

The Hero Layout…….. A hero layout is a perfect solution for the slider related issue. Generally, a slider is used to give a visual enhancement to the users. However, it cannot serve the cause, so we switch to a hero layout.

Hero Layout Design

A Hero Layout: Explained Thoroughly

When a visitor visits your website, he sees the first fold of your web page which is generally covered by sliders which are non-static. This distracts the viewers. A hero layout covers the first fold of a web page with an enticing static image with a direct message. This gives a simple and singular message to the viewer which will not confuse them in any way.

With one clear goal, you can convince the viewer in the right direction and results will be in your favor naturally.

Concluding Remarks

So, as you can see there is no point of using a slider on your website. If you did that, things might not go in the desired way of yours. So, avoid using a slider and start using the hero layout to attract and convey your users.

I hope you like the post. Please do share it to spread the word. Mention your views in the comments and I love replying back and having quality discussions. Till then, stay tuned fellas.

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This article is written by Morris Edwards. He is a Web Designer by profession and writer by hobby. He is working Awebstar, offering website designing in Singapore. Morris helps in designing web pages for all type of business websites. He is always grinding away on something web design related.


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