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Pictures are a much easier way to learn as compared to the long text paragraphs. Moreover they are attractive and hence grab the attention of the reader. To fuse the vital information with the graphic/pictures; Infographic were introduced by the geeks. Infographic is a very trendy module in the section of website designing as well as data representation.

Infographic Resources & Tools for Designers: Infographics can be used to demonstrate complex data statistics creatively so that the reader can easily grasp the information. Infographics can be effortlessly designed now a day and the credit of this aid goes to the vast world of resources and tools present on the internet world.

The Infographic Designing Tools and resources are present on different websites and hence it could be a tough task for a newbie to find and collect those useful resources. So to help everyone out there; I had compiled the collection of 100+ resources for Infographics designing. I had categorized these tools among different genres so that you can swiftly find the best tool you need.

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Best Blog and Website for Data Visualization and Infographics

S. No.Website NameDescription
1Information AestheticsAn amazing place to get every related information.
2Visual ComplexityStruck with complex data networks? Check out this.
3Visual.lyOne of the best platforms to create and share your infographic work.
4Information Is BeautifulMake your information interactive here.
5Daily InfographicGet something new each day –every day.
6GOOD Infographics
      Collection of finest infographics from the Good Magazine.
7Visualizing.orgTransform boring data statistics into interactive visuals.
8Infographic of the Day
    A project run by Fast Company to provide amazing infographic to the visitor.
9FlowingDataLearn how the professionals visualize the information.
10Datastore / DatablogOne of the most renowned names in the field of Data Journalism.
11Infographics ArchiveA huge collection of creative Infographic works.
12InfographrFind everything about infographic.
    An amazing source for infographic designers.
14Video InfographicsSee Infographics in motion; an innovative approach.
15Visual LoopA place to find infographic about every possible topic.
    Tack the latest happenings and resources about data visualization.
    The best place to learn the latest trends and news about data visualization.
18EagereyesLear about information visualization and visual communication of data
19Amazing Infographics
      Some brilliant example of cool infographics.
20Submit InfographicsSubmit and Share your infographic work with everyone.
21The Infographics ShowcaseA huge library of infographics on different genres.
22I Love Charts
    A Tumblr blog discussing about different graphs and charts
23Well Formed Data
    A blog website by freelance information visualizer.
24Best InfographicsCollection of finestinfographics on the World Wide Web.
25Infographic ListDifferent genre of infographics compiled together.


S. No.Website NameDescription
1PiktochartOne of the most popular online infographic designing software.
2Many EyesCreate and upload different type of data visualization like Data cloud, infographics and many more.
3Infogr.amAnother popular name to design interactive information graphics.
4GliffyOne of the most recommended tools by the professionals to design flowcharts.
5GephiDesigners recommend Gephi for easy UI and the latest technologies.
6Tableau PublicOpen Source Data Visualization Software.
7Free Vector Infographic KitGet the Vector Kit for Infographic designing.
8easel.lyEasy drag and drop object menu to draw stunning visuals.
9PrefuseAn impressive software kit to design data visualization easily.
10ohliDesign Charts Online with this free tool.
11WeaveWeb based visualization platform for professionals.
12Google Chart ToolsA part of Google’s Developer program to create data analysis charts online.
13iChartsHassle free create complicated charts.
14GeoCommonsTag your data and information on Maps.
15VIDIA hub to get advanced Drupal Visualization Modules.
16StatSilkAvailable as both desktop as well as online software to meet the Mapping and Data visualization requirements.


S. No.Website NameDescription
1DataMarketGet Datasheets and Data information about the different sectors.
2datacatalogs.orgA very useful list of data catalogs bring together.
3Google Public DataGet the specific data set from any place around the globe.
4KnoemaThousands of data sheets categorized in different sectors.
5WorldMapCreate geographical data maps easily
6Get the DataShare your database knowledge with others.
7US Census BureauKnow everything about US economy and other issues.
8The Data HubMore than 6215 datasets to explore and download.
9DaytumStructure your everyday data efficiently here.
10Number Of Ask about any data figures; this website will count and tell you in a second.
11Influence ExplorerInfluence Statistics for Political reviews.
12FreebaseGet the Entity graph for every identity or place present on our blue planet.
13World Bank DataThe world at a glance (key development indicators).
14EveryBlockGet the detailed information about every place as per the government database.
15MunterbundThis website provides the pictorial representation of text similarities between two contents.
16Data360An amazing hub of data-driven stories.
17GallupBe the favorite among your customers by getting the public opinion about any topic from here.
18GapminderCheck out the timeline of the development process of any country.


S. No.Website NameDescription
1Vizualize.meAstounding visual resumes easily even if you are not a professional designer.
2KinzaaResume integrated with infographic! Innovative idea.
3Vizify TweetSheetSee your Twitter timeline as an interactive infographic.
4Photo StatsAmazing resource to create the infographic by your iPhone device.
5Re.vuCreate attractive Visual Resumes here.
6BiogrifyReally a fun to create an infographic about your personal life.


S. No.Website NameDescription
1d3.js A free JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data.
2HighchartsInteractive JavaScript charts.
3InfoVis ToolkitA JavaScript tool for creating interactive data visualizations.
4FusionChartsJavaScript (HTML5) and Flash charts.
5FlareMakes it easy to create interactive data visualizations (ActionScript).
6JS ChartsFree JavaScript charts.
7KeyLinesA JavaScript toolkit for visualizing networks.
8amChartsJavaScript and HTML charts.


S. No.
Website Name
Prime InfographicsCreate a custom infographic as per your business theme.
PeriscopicThe one who declares to “do good with data”
FFunctionGet the help about Data Visualization from here.
Interactive ThingsPortfolio of innovative ideas.
Column FiveTransform boring content into amazing visuals for your website.
JESS3A renowned name in the field of Data Visualization.
Visual EvolutionGet your infographic designed affordably.
Lemon.lyMake your content appealing by making it visual.
FathomLiquefy the complex data into easy visuals.

Infographic Articles

S. No.
How to Create Great magazine
7 Steps to Make Your Infographic a SuccessSEOmoz
How to Create a Great Infographics (Slideshow)The Content Lab
Design a Magazine InfographicDigital Arts
How to Create Outstanding Modern InfographicsVectortuts+
The Do’s and Don’ts of Infographic DesignSmashing Magazine
Create an Infographic Typography Animationaetuts+
A Few Rules for Making Homemade InfographicsThe Atlantic Wire
The Anatomy of an InfographicSpyreStudios
Infographic: Do-It-Yourself Guide to InfographicsMarketing Tech Blog
How to Strike a Balance Between Data and VisualizationThe Daily Egg


Got everything what you are looking for? You are welcome to add any other favorite of yours in the comment section below that I may have skipped. I would also like to hear your feedback about the input.


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