Important that SEOs should +1 in Google

Search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary for your online words to get circulated around the Internet. If this statement sounds like a generalization, just ask Google. The better you rank for keywords, the more your work will draw the attention of Google, Bing and Yahoo. This also means that when someone is searching for specific information, if you have optimized your work well, it may be found in the top results.

Why Google +1 helps

With the various changes in the Google that came about as a result of Panda, a much-maligned tweak to search engine rankings, social sites are playing a larger role in search results. The theory is that the more an article, website or blog is shared through social media, the more valuable the content. This means that SEO content should not only contain relevant keywords, but be worthy of sharing among a group of consumers.

Determining the audience

One of the challenges that SEO experts face is their audience. Social networking sites are not created equal, though Google +1 has changed that to some degree. While B2B networking was largely done in the past on LinkedIn, you see more companies participating on Google+ to share their information with other business owners. The ability of users to organize groups of other users into specific categories makes sharing information with the right audience easier. This also means that submissions are more likely to be shared with that group’s followers and friends.

Impact on personal search results

One of the most fascinating changes that Google+ has wrought is that your search results are likely going to be impacted by the information that you share. Rather than providing you with guesses as to what you want to see, Google is providing you easy access to information that you have shared and that others in your Google+ network have shared.

Not all searches are good

One of the many complaints about these changes is that Google is now forcing users to depend on Google not only for searching, but for sharing information. Because Google has elected to encourage users to share information through Google+, especially results that you have used in the past, it is becoming more important than ever for marketing and search engine optimizing to include Google+ on their blog or website. Companies that fall behind their competitors may find they not only lose ranking in Google’s search engine, but they may also see a decline in user satisfaction.

While companies may be more reluctant to get involved in yet another social networking site, Google+ is practically demanding that they pay attention. For new companies that are being established online or offline, being a part of this growing network may be the key to long-term success. For a business who has established a presence on other social networking sites, failing to be engaged on Google+ through proper SEO targeting may mean they disappear to page two or three of search results. Why run this risk? Whether you agree or disagree that Google is attempting to corner the market on social networking, those who are convinced their SEO strategy will work without Google+ are setting themselves up for disappointment.

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