Icon Set September 2011: All New Icons to Accessorize Your Desktop

This is our pledge and customory obligation to provide you the monthly dosage of classically designed Icon Set to utilize for various purposes. We always get bored by using same old kind of icons for our different utility shorcuts on our computer systems. With the Icon Set September 2011, we are making an attempt to provide our visitors a complete set to acessorize their desktop in a unique way. It is hard to avoid the unique piece of work designed by our designers in form of icon set.

Every designer at our end is uniquely skilled to design quality work pieces and because of their creativity, we are capable to present the great set of icons in front of you. A designer explains his/her approach of designing in his work and through the icon set September 2011; we can understand the imaginative creations in a better way. All of the icons are exclusively designed while undertaking various desktop elements in account. All of the icons are free to use and download for everyone.

So come-on and get them all on your system if don’t want to be the last one to get the exciting features. With the Icon set September 2011, we will feel glad to avail you the designer icons for various folders, files, tools, applications, images, and other related documents.

Icon Set 1

The Icon set September 2011 is a wonderful creation from our designers which can be utilised for vedio, my computer and image icons.


Icon Set 2

Above displayed Icon set September 2011 is a great icon set to utilize for various search engines like firefox, chrome, opera, and safari.


Icon Set 3

The abobe shown Icon set September 2011 is another explicity example to help you utulise icons for settings panel, ply tool, battery notification and hand saw .


Icon Set 4

Icon set September 2011 shown above is a beneficial set of icons that can be well uitlised for facebook, skype, microsoft, and twitter.


Icon Set 5

The Icon set September 2011 shown above is amazing set to display error notification, help tool,divider and key lock notification



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