How to Watermark Images Easily and Effectively

Watermarking is a step you should always consider prior to uploading your pictures online. First of all, it is used for security purposes. Second of all, because it can be a great way to market your work and expand your visibility as a photographer or visual content creator.

So, since the benefits of watermarks are quite obvious, let’s see how to add them to photos in a creative and at the same time effective fashion.

Batch Watermark on Windows and Mac with PhotoMarks

You can use a general photo editing software, but the best solution by far is to resort to a tool especially designed for this type of operations like PhotoMarks.

Batch Watermark on Windows and Mac with PhotoMarks

Developed by Bits&Coffee, PhotoMarks is an optimal solution to watermark photos in batch mode, with versions for both desktop and mobile devices. To make things simple, the app comes with a user-friendly interface with previews for every step of the process.

Once you’ve opened it, there are 4 steps you need to follow: Addition of Photos, Editing of Photos, Setting up and Processing In other words, you add your photos, perform the edits you want, choose the destination folder where you want to save them and then allows PhotoMarks to process your group of images.

Add fully Customizable Text and Logo Watermarks

On one hand, the app is designed with productivity in mind, since it enables users to watermark multiple photos at the same time. On the other hand, it is conceived with great care for flexibility, since it allows users to watermark images exactly how they want to.

Add fully customizable text and logo watermarks


With PhotoMarks you can add text and/or logo watermarks customized to the deepest extent. This means complete control over the positioning, tile mode, rotation, fonts, scaling, special effects like stroke and shadow and many more. Depending on your individual preferences, the tool lets you create a large, easily noticeable watermark or, on the contrary, a subtle, unobtrusive one.

In addition to watermarking, PhotoMarks enables you to perform other useful edits like Resize, Rename or Auto Rotate. You can also decorate your photos with graphical frames or perhaps a simple border. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that the app allows you to save your current settings as Profiles and use them again when necessary.

What’s New in PhotoMarks 3

Version 3 of PhotoMarks has recently become available and includes important new features developed to improve users’ image watermarking experience, among which:

  • The app enjoys now a Details view in Step 1 which provides users with the opportunity to sort their photos based on a wide range of factors like Name, Type, Date, Camera, ISO or Altitude.
  • The updated Resize filter can skip photos smaller than the specified width and height.
  • The cropping rectangle used in the Crop filter is now visible inclusively on white backgrounds.
  • The Rotate filter has a new criterion to rotate either Portrait or Landscape photos.

new in PhotoMarks 3


To sum it up, PhotoMarks does what’s expected from such a tool. It’s a batch watermarking app that performs the requested tasks easy and fast enough so that users are satisfied with the final result. If you’re looking for a simple solution to watermark your images and want to avoid an all-round software, this is the tool to choose.

PhotoMarks from Bits&Coffee is available on Windows, Mac, as well as iOS devices.

For more information about PhotoMarks you can check out the app’s features list.


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