WordPress HTTP Error: Solve HTTP Error While Uploading file in WP

Last night I was trying to upload some pictures on my Wordpress Blog and again I was encountered by the error named as ‘HTTP Error’. This neither was a new issue nor is it just attached with me! Many of you too would have faced this problem.

Many a times when we try to upload an image on the WordPress Admin; the image crunching process pauses for a minute and then the HTTP error message appears on the screen. The most mysterious part of the problem is the fact that the images still get uploaded in the Gallery with a dimension of 0 X 0. When we try the process a couple of times; the problem gets resolved and the images are uploaded.

But what is the reason behind this HTTP error and how we can fix it?

In this post of mine I am going to talk about the HTTP error faced by the WordPress users and of course the methods to solve the problem.

HTTP error

After a long fight with me and Mr.Google at last I won the battle and found two solutions related to the Image upload error on my blog.

Remove WP Smush.it Plugin

We all had installed the Wp Smush.it Plugin to our WordPress Admin panel to compress the size of the image and for me it was the CULPRIT. WP Smush.it is actually an online application which uses Yahoo’s API to compress the size of images but many a times this application is down and hence produce an error for the administrators.

I deactivated this Plugin to be sure and guess what! My problem was solved. You too can try the same tactic to solve the issue. Moreover there are many more other Plugins available on the internet which can effectively replace the Smush.it Plugin.

Edit .htaccess file

Had uninstalled the plugin and still finding the issue? Don’t worry Pal! We still have one more way. This time the error could be due to the lower version of the WordPress; so you are recommended to get the updated version of the CMS. You can even solve the bug by simply adding the below given lines into your .htaccess file.

SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off

Final Words

I hope that the above methods will help you to solve the bug. Are you aware of any other method? You are welcomed to share that with us in the comment section below.


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