Windows XP Installation: How to Install Windows XP from Bootable CD?

Are you looking to learn the quickest method to install Windows XP on a PC? If yes then you had landed on the ideal spot. In this post of mine I am going to discuss about ‘How to install Windows XP on a laptop/desktop?’ Moreover; I had incorporated the snapshot of every step so that you can follow the Windows XP installation process easily.

Windows XP is surely the most downloaded operating system for personal computer worldwide. It is really easy to operate and doesn’t propose any major issue or shortcoming while being used by both scholars as well as professionals. Are you too looking to install Windows XP on your laptop/desktop but don’t know how?

Installing Windows XP is a straight forward process but if you are new to the computer technology; you can actually strike in between the loop of installation. In this post of mine; I am going to teach you the procedure to install a fresh version of Windows XP on a PC.

I had used the quickest method to install the Windows so that you can have a fully functional operating system running on your screen in just 20-25 min (also depends upon the speed of your system).

Before starting with the core installation process, have a look at the minimum Hardware/Software requirements to install XP on a PC.

The minimum hardware and software requirements to install Windows XP are:

  • 300 Mhz Intel or AMD CPU
  • 128 Mb of system RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • 1.5 GB of available hard disk space
  • Super VGA 800 X 600 Display Adapter
  • CD or DVD-ROM
  • Keyboard and mouse (any other pointing hardware)

Please check that you have a Windows XP product key with your XP CD. XP product key is actually a collection of 5 sets of separated random characters and numeric.

A product key may seem like: AA79F-MNJ9P-M3DOC-FCUXH-QFN56

Step 1

Open your Windows CD from the case and put it into the CD/ DVD –ROM

Step 2

Restart the computer. Windows XP CD is a bootable disk so when you will restart the computer; the system will automatically boot from the CD (in old systems; it needs to be done manually)

Step 3

Windows XP Installation Step 3

A black screen will appear on your desktop which will display the message ‘Press any Key to Boot from the CD’. Now press any key from the keyboard; if you do not press any key, the system will search for the operating system for other sources (hard disk, floppy disk etc.). As your system doesn’t have the operating system elsewhere so the computer will tag it as an error and will restart again.

Step 4

After pressing the key; the window will take around 10-12 min to load the setup screen

Step 5

Windows XP Installation Step 5

On the Setup screen you will see two options:

  • Repairing the Current Window
  • Installing the New one

As for now we are interested in installing a new copy of Widows XP; Press ENTER to start the installation process. For the Repairing of the window; you have to press R.

Step 6

Windows XP Installation Step 6

In the next step of the installation you will see the License agreement screen. If you agree with the terms and conditions stated by the Microsoft; Press F8.

Step 7

Windows XP Installation Step 7

At the next step you will see the disk partition window which will tell you the available partitions on your hard disk. If the system is new; you will only see only one entry in the list. To partition the disk space, press C.

For an already used system; you will see different hard drives. You can delete the hard drive by pressing D and then pressing L to confirm. Please note that deleting a hard drive will delete all the information and data present on that drive.

Step 8

Windows XP Installation Step 8

After creating the new partitions and assigning the disk space to them you will need to choose the drive where you want to load the XP operating system. You can choose the default space that is “C: Partition 1 [Raw]” and then press ENTER to confirm.

Step 9

Windows XP Installation Step 9

At the next step you will be asked to choose the formatting system that can be NTFS or FAT file system. For a general user (partition space more than 32 GB) we recommend NTFS.

Please note that it is possible to convert NTFS to FAT but FAT to NTFS is not possible after the installation.
Press ENTER to choose the Formatting system.

Step 10

Windows XP Installation Step 10

The command will create the partition. This is quite time consuming process but you are recommended to stay with your system as it may ask for different permissions.

Step 11

Windows XP Installation Step 11

After the partition; Windows XP will start copying the files in the disk. You will be asked to reboot the computer after the completion; Press ENTER to reboot the computer.

Step 12

Windows XP Installation Step 12

When the computer restarts; it will again show the message ‘Press any key to boot from the CD’. DO NOT press any key and let the process continue by its own. If you press any key; the whole process will be carried out again.

Step 13

Windows XP Installation Step 13

After the completion of this step; you had actually installed the Windows XP. Now you will be asked for general options like Language, Computer Name etc. Keep providing the information and press next.

Step 14

Windows XP Installation Step 14

Now setup will install Windows XP, after few minutes you would be asked for Language, Name and other Options

Step 15

Windows XP Installation Step 15

After providing the every information; you will be asked to enter the product key. Enter your Windows Key carefully and click Next.

Step 16

Windows XP Installation Step 16

If you have a valid product key you will be asked for the Administrator Name and Password.

Step 17

Windows XP Installation Step 17

Provide the Date and Time information and press NEXT button.

Step 18

Windows XP Installation Step 18

Enter the domain name and information (if you don’t have the domain; leave the space) and press Next.

Step 19

Windows XP Installation Step 19

System will reboot and may again show the message ‘Press any key to boot from the CD’. DO NOT press any key and let the process continue with its own. Click on the OK button to adjust the screen resolution automatically.

Step 20

Windows XP Installation Step 20

Say Cheese as you saw the welcome screen. You had successfully installed the Windows XP on your system.


I hope you had successfully installed the Windows XP in your PC. In the upcoming post I will like to cover the installation process of Windows Vista and Windows 8. Don’t forget to bookmark Webgranth for more amazing and useful information about the technology.


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