Windows 8 New Install: How to Install Windows 8 OS in your PC

Are you looking to install Windows 8 on your PC but don’t know how? In this post I have explained the step by step process of Windows 8 installation. You can easily follow the tutorial with the help of screenshots provided at every step.

Windows 8 is the latest version of the Microsoft Windows. Beside with providing an innovative and attractive User Interface; Windows 8 offers a lot of amazing features. The best part of Windows 8 is the fact that this is the first Window Operating System designed for Touch screen PCs. Moreover it is really easy to install Windows 8 on a PC even if you are not a computer expert.

In this tutorial I had explained the step by step instruction for  Windows 8 installation. I had attached the screenshot of every step so that it can be easy for you to follow the procedures.

Insert the Windows 8 DVD and restart the PC. Choose the Boot from the DVD option and you will see the below  screen.

Windiws 8 Installation Figure a

After Booting from the external drive; you will see a light blue Window flag in the black background.

Windiws 8 Installation Figure b

Wait for a few minutes and you will be asked to choose the default language for the next proceedings. After choosing the language; click next. The snapshot of this setup screen is shown above.

Windiws 8 Installation Figure c

Click on the install now button to start the installation process.

Windiws 8 Installation Figure d

At the first step of the installation process; you will be asked to provide the Product key for your genuine window. A product key is a unique code for every Windows edition and it is written behind the Windows 8 Package. The product key is a combination of 25 characters as well as numerals.

Windiws 8 Installation Figure e

The next part of the installation process is to accept the Microsoft Software License Agreement. You are advised to read the terms carefully. Check the ‘I accept the License Terms’ box and click the Next button provided at the right corner of the windows installation screen.

Windiws 8 Installation Figure f

In this step of the Windows 8 installation; you will be asked to choose the type of installation. There are two different options available in this regards that is UPGRADE and CUSTOM. UPGRADE is the process in which the current window of your system is updated with the Windows 8 system files without losing any data. Whereas Custom is the process of installing a fresh Windows OS (the saved data will be deleted). In this tutorial we will deal about installing a fresh copy of Windows 8 so you have to choose the Custom option.

Windiws 8 Installation Figure g

At this step you will see the total partitions on your hard disk. The number and name of partitions can be different. At this step we will format the disk space. Please note that formatting of a hard disk will delete every data present on that.

Windiws 8 Installation Figure h

Choose each partition and click on the ‘DRIVE OPTIONS (ADVANCED)’. This will open a command box offering different functions. Choose the Delete Partition command and confirm it by clicking on the confirmation box. You have to repeat the same process for every partition of the hard disk.

Windiws 8 Installation Figure i

After deleting all the partitions you will see a single unallocated memory space. Click on the NEXT button to install the windows 8 on this space.
Installing Windows

Installing Windows Figure j

This is the core installation process in which the Windows file from the DVD will be copied to the hard disk. This process may take some time but you are advised to be with your system as the process may ask for some authority permission.

Windiws 8 Installation Figure k

After copying the files from the DVD to the system; the computer will automatically restart in 5 seconds. If you are in a hurry then you can force restart it by clicking the Restart Now button.

Windiws 8 Installation Figure l

After the restart you will see the progress circle showing the status of ‘GETTING DEVICE READY’.

Windiws 8 Installation Figure m

When the process will complete; the PC will restart again.
Configuring Windows

Windiws 8 Installation Figure n

After the core installation process, you will be asked to customize the PC. In this section you have to choose the PC Name and theme color of your windows (which can be changed later).

Windiws 8 Installation Figure o

At the next step you will see the setting customization window. Here you can either choose the default express settings or can even customize them as per your preference. If you are not an advanced computer user then we recommend you to choose the USE EXPRESS SETTINGS.

Windiws 8 Installation Figure p

This is the sign in step of the installation process. You have to sign in to the windows with your existing email account. Please note that it is not necessary that you have to use a Yahoo account for this (but recommend); you can use any other email too. Click NEXT to proceed.

Windiws 8 Installation Figure q

After submitting the details you will see a window with changing colors. At this step the Window 8 is getting your PC ready for the startup. Keep patience as it may take a few minutes.

Windiws 8 Installation Figure r

This is the final step of the Windows 8 installation where the installation of Apps will take place. You don’t have to do anything now; just relax and be ready for your Windows 8 experience.

Windiws 8 Installation Figure s

Windows 8 Installation Video


Are you watching the similar screen? If yes then say cheese as you have successfully installed the Windows 8 on your PC. If you are finding any issue then again go through the steps carefully as you would have missed something. For more assistance you are advised to check the Windows Community.



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