Setup FTP Server: How to Create/Setup FTP Server on Ubuntu 12.04?

In this post of mine; I am going to talk about the tutorial to install and configure the VSFTPD server program on Ubunto 12.04. I had provided the commands with each step so that you can do it easily and quickly.

VSFTPD is an acronym of Very Secure FTP Daemon. It is a very popular application used by thousands of website owners to guard the website against any unidentified threat. VSFTPD is a GNU licensed FTP server program that can be employed for different systems like Unix-Like System and Linux. VSFTPD is under Google App Engine and offers a strong security against different types of FTP vulnerabilities.


The first step of the process Is installing the VSFTPD on your server. For a quick download; you are recommended to install the application by executing the below provided command:

sudo apt-get install vsftpd

I hope that the downloading would have been started; after the completion of download process the program will be in the droplet of the server. The VSFTPD is actually pre-configures but it still needs some tweaks to ensure 100% security.

Without the modification of the program; the anonym user can access your Virtual Private Server.

Step Two

After installing the VSFTPD on your server you can now configure it accordingly to get the maximum security. To initiate the configuration of the application; open the configuration file by executing the below provided command:

sudo nano /etc/vsftpd.conf

The first and the major change you need to do is to replace the Yes to No in the Anonymous_enable option. You can do this by simply following the below given command:


After doing this modification in the configuration file; no anonymous user can access your VPS now. Providing the accessibility of VPS can be a serious issue if you want to secure your confidential information.

The second change in the configuration file includes the enabling of local_enable option. By enabling this property; you provide the access to the user to write into the directory. You can enable this attribute by following the below mentioned command:



No capsulate the local users into the chroot by uncommenting the command to the chroot_local_user.


Save the changes and exit the configuration file.

Save and Exit that file. Because of a recent VSFTPD upgrade, VSFTPD is “refusing to run with writable root inside chroot“. A handy way to address this issue  is to take the following steps:

As per the recent update from the VSFTPD; it doesn’t allow the application to execute with writable root inside the Chroot. To solve this problem; you are advised to follow the below mentioned steps.


The first step is to create a new directory inside the user’s already existing home directory.

mkdir /home/username/files


In the second step we need to change the ownership of that file to root.

chown root:root /home/username


Restart the service by executing below given command

sudo service vsftpd restart


At this step you had successfully installed and configured the FTP Server on Ubuntu 12.04. You have to just access the FTP server by following the below command:



I hope you had successfully installed and configured the VSFTPD server on Ubunto 12.04. Finding any issue? You are free to share that with us in the comment section below; I will surely like to resolve it.



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