How To Have Your Twitter Followers Block You

When it comes to having a good Twitter experience it is sometimes necessary for users to use the dreaded block button. Obviously, blocking followers is not something that anyone really wants to do because it does not look good when you lose followers.

However, there are certain things that followers do that cause them to have to be blocked. This article will explain to you what you can do to be placed on someone’s blocked list.

Follow Someone When You Have No Picture

Spammers are known for creating profiles without pictures and many users have become aware of this. So, if you want to get put on a block list the best advice that can be given to you is for you to make a twitter account and do not add any type of picture yet still follow people.

Mentioning Someone with Just a Link

Another pet peeve of Twitter users is when someone mentions them but just places a link in the tweet. Some users do not mind because they are just trying to get their Klout’s up and they understand that mentions play a part in doing so. However, others who have no interest in Klout but are solely just trying to market their business to the best of their means do care and you can be sure that you will be placed on their block list immediately.

Constantly Spamming Through Your Tweets

Everyone hates a spammer. Just face it no one wants to come to their Twitter news feed and see a bunch of tweets from the same person that all contain the same message or the same links. Every so often it is fine to promote yourself but this is not something that you should be doing multiple times an hour.

Overall, if you are someone who wants to see how you can accumulate the most blocks these are the sure ways for you to do so. You will find that when you do the things that have been spoken of previously your followers will begin to decrease. It may be a slow decrease at first but if you keep up what you are doing you will find that you will be losing your followers left and right. Not to mention that the amount of people you are following will also begin to decrease because they will be blocking you as well.

Warning try this tips at your own risk. They really do work no joke.

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