How To Get More Facebook Likes: Tools and Tips

It was an old tradition to communicate with your dear and beloved ones. In order to exchange their messages, one did wait even for a couple of weeks. Now, Internet a boon from the modern technology squeezed the whole globe in a single mouse button. This technology lets you to exchange and share more than messages in such time as it takes to click a button.

However, Facebook called social networking site is here, to take care of your need and keep in touch with your family and friends all around the clock – 24×7. Now, you can create and update your personal profile including information about yourself, photographs and many more. Moreover, it enables you to add friends and common-interest users groups as well as share an information or messages with entire Facebook users exponentially.

In addition, the stunning tool of Social Media named Facebook sports a significant role too in business sectors such as Promoting, Advertising or keep updated to audience with their products, services and its features.

Earlier, the companies used to promote their site or product through link-building but gradually lost its effectiveness as the links end up as spam, and undoubtedly nobody likes span and customers or visitors remains stay far away from this.

The emergence of Social Media has transformed the complete scenario of companies publicity. People are now opt to use Facebook “Likes” in order to assault the products rather than link-building. Moreover, here I would like to tell you why Facebook Likes are so important –

  • Facebook Likes are achieved by real people as primarily Facebook accounts are genuine and not spammers however, shows a conscious decision from people.
  • When anybody likes your service or product, it automatically exposes on that account’s page and moreover, it would be accessible by his all contacts to view. If the account’s user recommend them, this will drag them for a closer look.
  • As Facebook Like is free, result in making other people inclined to trust that they really do buttress and recommend their product or services.
  • You can get a better perspective on your customers and their need, as you can easily communicate and comment through Facebook, when user likes your page once.

Now, after being educated with importance of Facebook Likes, you will be keen of tips to know about, how to get more Facebook Likes and equipped with effective and captivating tool for promoting or advertising your product or service through this social media Facebook.

Let’s take a look on some tips towards how to get more Facebook Like –

  • The simplest and convenient way to achieve more “Facebook likes” as well as proliferate fan base is Advertising on Facebook.
  • Don’t ‘Set and Forget’. Most of the people become bored having the same thing in confabulation. So you need to rotate or update your advertisement daily.
  • Everyone likes competition, however you can drag people in the competition .
  • You can include Facebook social plugin box to your Website or Blog which can achieve sixty percent of ‘likes’.
  • Free latest and exclusive videos are admissible which can be watched only if you like the page
  • Transform to expose on a custom landing page in account of a big bold ‘Like our Page’
  • Initially tell your family and friends to like your page which is crucial in beginning.
  • Whenever you accomplish a new post, it can be posted to Facebook from your blog. Transform Facebook as an extension of your blog. Facebook users love to see recent content without going to your blog page.
  • You can offer a free subscription journal, magazine, newsletter or e-book to get more Facebook likes.
  • Bestow alluring and attractive high resolution pictures which enforce the target audience to keep them coming back tends to share and get more Facebook likes from their friends too.
  • Availing the question application from Facebook, regularly ask questions and get more likes.
  • You can insert a link to your Facebook pare in the signature of your e-mail.
  • It will be beneficial to offer a compelling welcome video on your Facebook landing page.
  • Near the top of your blog pages or website you can add a ‘follow us’ on Facebook button.
  • Modulate your page in such a captivating manner which gives users a reason to like your page.
  • Etch your Facebook like button on your email HTML template in order to earn more facebook like from people in account of regular email newsletter.
  • Appeal the users to ‘Like’ your facebook page with a large custom banner in your Website or Blog.
  • Offer special or promotional discount to the fans of Facebook. Undoubtedly it will hit more Facebook likes as people will ‘like’ to avail the discount offer.
  • You can send an invitation mail to your subscribers educating them about their fan page as well as encourage to join.

As, we have discussed above some tips to enhance more Facebook likes. You will be pleased to know that some tools for getting more and more Facebook page likes are in existence, which can make you amused by bestowing hundreds of likes in a couple of days.

These innovative tools are very stunning and are the ultimate ‘Like’ discovery tool. You can get more Facebook Likes with fastest and easiest way in account of these tools. I would like to make you introduce how these tools works. It is very simple and the concept behind is that it works with an exchanging network, where people earn free points in return of Facebook Likes or shares. So, as more as you like Facebook fan pages, more points you earn. However, these same points again can be reimbursed to get more Facebook likes for your website page . For instance, In account of liking Facebook fan page you earned 500 points. Now, add this 500 points to your site to earn more Facebook likes. It allows you to exchange unlimited likes for free. In addition, one easiest and effortless alternative to earn more points is available and it is that you can simply buy Facebook Likes; 100 fans for $0.99.

So, as we discussed about tools to get more Facebook Likes and its concept of work. What are these tools? Let me tell you. The three tools are listed here, which are conferred as the most significant and effective tool for hitting a great score of Facebook Likes –




Free Facebook Likes



Therefore, Nothing could be more delightful to promote or advertise your products or services through these perfect and effective tools which allows you to get more Facebook likes and communicate directly with the person who make likes.

Bryan Lazaris

Brayan Lazaris, a web development expert, has been working with HireWebDeveloper for many years. Till now, he has written numerous blogs and articles elucidating the best methods and approaches to process web development brilliantly. His keen interest in researching the smart technique for better web solution has opened the gateway for many businesses to establish a strong foothold in the digital space.