How to Download Google Search History on Your PC

In a bid to offer customer-centric services, Google has recently launched a feature which can be used to download your entire saved search history including the terms that you searched for.

Only that information can be retrieved and downloaded which the users have searched on Google while being signed in. This feature is quite evident of the fact that the Internet giant is looking to make its services as user-centric as it can be.

Steps to Download Google Search History

  • You need to visit Web & app Activity page and click the setting icon() followed by clicking the download button.
  • Next, click Create Archive to begin the download.
  • After the download is complete, the link to the archive will be mailed to you.

The downloading of the data however, does not delete it from the server where it is stored. The data is also downloaded to the takeout folder of Google Drive and is available to be downloaded to your PC. Google, however, advises not to download the data on a shared system due to obvious security and privacy reason.

Depending on the amount of data in your search history files, there may be more than one file in your takeout folder.

David Meyer

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