Create Sub Domain: How to Make Sub Domain for Blogger at Godaddy

This post comprises simple instructions for how to create sub domains for blogger blogs at Godaddy. For creating sub domain, you need to have an account at Google Blogger and Blogging has become the trending way to share knowledgeable contents regarding various subjects such as guidelines, technical support, political issues and much more. Many organizations are providing services, which not only feature Blogging platform but also personal domain registration services for blog. is Domain Name Registration Company. This organization provides many schemes that you can have free account but you have to compromise with the name of the domain or if you want to have customized domain name then there is a need to have subscriptions. Google Blogger is the blogging platform, where many bloggers are connected to share their blog. Google Blogger and are merged so that bloggers at Google can have their personal URL IDs and their blogs would be effectively exported to the personal home page.

Having a sub domain for a blog is very beneficial in terms of following ways:

  • Improving traffic towards blogs
  • Help in promoting personal blogs
  • Customizing the templates become easy

Follow the guidelines given below and know how to create sub domains for blogging sites

Login to Google Blogger account

Go to Blogger, log in to access the account and create the new blog for which sub domain is to be created.

Go to

After creating a blog, log in to and go to dashboard.

Launch the specified name

Explore the dashboard; name of sub domain will be viewed. Go to the launch button given in front of the sub domain name and then click.

Go to DNS Manager

After clicking the launch button new window will open, then click DNS manager. This will direct to the dashboard of DNS Manager.

Fill up the specified information

Click on the Cname field to add information such as name of sub domain, contact or anything that is concerned. Point to field add URL and in TTL write one hour.

Save the Cname setting

Click on save setting to save all the information in Cname setting.

Go to Google Blogger

Log in to blogging account, select latest blog and then go to setting tab of Blogger account. Click Edit in Publisher Setting and write the sub domain name.

Save the setting

Click the Save button. Now sub domain is created.


Please do keep in mind that follows the instructions systematically. I hope that now you know how to create a sub domain for blogs at Godaddy. If face any issue then please mention in comment section given below. So that in future we can come up with the solution. For further updates please be connected to this post.


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